Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving oh ten

thanksgiving weekend,

you are a glorious 5 nights long & i love you.  it is good to give thanks.


this weekend has been so blessed.  lots of relaxing, feasting, friends, family, learning, decorating, shopping & more.

after work wednesday evening benny & i packed up & headed off to northern kentucky to see his family.  i was so looking forward to this trip.  it is so rare that we get to go home so i really cherish that time.  we got up there around 7:30 or so...just in time for homemade pizzas.  yum yum.  i'm lame & plain so ben was forced to share a boring pepperoni & cheese with me but it was oh so very nice.  theeeen we played fact or crap.  ever heard of it?  it was hilarious & fun.  i lost.  i'm the opposite of competitive so i'm perhaps the perfect loser.  the only troubling thing is that my non-spiritual, spiritual gift is guessing and i was terrible in a game all about guessing so...i hope i haven't lost it!

thanksgiving day was beyond chill.  we hung out around the brzinski household, snacked, visited, watched the macy's parade, football & home alone.  kind of a veg out but still very nice.  ben's pop made all the fixin's.  he is a great chef!  he even fried us up a turkey.  and an opportunity to eat pumpkin pie?  sign me up. 
{set up for turkey day: round two}
{pumpkin roll}
{mmm pumpkin piiiiie}
{it looked like this all day...but the next day we had snow!}
{what i did during avatar...colored like a 5 year old.  i'm a notorious hand-turkey artist}
{neat coffee, i just want the can}
friday i was getting restless.  stir-crazy if you will.  i was terrified of black friday shoppers so i didn't want to go out and about but i desperately wanted to get out of the house.  ben & i went to lunch {skyline lunch #1} and ran a few errands.  then after coercing we also went to nky's yl leadership.  it was so great to see some of our friends.  ben davis talked about the kingdom & about living like it matters today.  living today with eternity in mind. it was really awesome to be reminded of that.  from there ben headed to the ryle/trinity playoff football game.  we both graduated from ryle and love to cheer on our raiders but i don't like to cheer when the temperature is anywhere near the teens so i bowed out.  ben & his brother went, saw old friends and watch our team suffer a loss.  i think they still had a good time.

i was hoping to get ahold of my dear friend tudge to visit during that time but what's a girl to do?  probably go to the mall on black friday night.  this is genius. i can't believe i'm sharing my newly found secret.  no one was there.  just me and like 3 other people.  and there were still sales!  i should do all my christmas shopping on black friday night next year!  if i had the slightest clue what i was getting for my family it would have been tremendously helpful that night.

i made some purchases for cheapity cheap {h&m, i love you} & then headed to the margrave's for a hangout.  i love our friends.

saturday we had discussed a big plan of ikea & north face outlet shopping but after much deliberation decided against it.  instead we went stopped by verizon {ben got a new that hasn't taken a dip in the hot tub} and it is working perfectly!  turns out that verizon is on a mission to punish anyone who isn't interested in a smart phone or a data package.  there we two, i repeat two phones available in the store that didn't require you to pay for a monthly data package.  those thieves!  and then we went to old navy where i got a new pair of jeans {$15}.  i am in desperate need...i have worn my original pair of o.n. skinny jeans thread bare.  then off to lunch with two of our favoritest couples, the margraves and the ridds {skyline lunch #2}.  james was there to eat with us and is a doll!  rach finds out if she's having a little boy or girl tomorrow so we discussed our guesses {i guess girl} & just visited & visited.

here we are...i'm dirty and pale.  this picture mades me feel sad about myself but i really like my husband so i'm ok with it.  look at that beard.  it's no shave november.  what a cutie.
from there we cut our trip short and headed home.  i just felt like we had so much to do and so little time so we needed to get back.  i was desperately wanting to put our christmas tree and get festive so that is exactly what we did.  {post coming soon to a blogger near you}  while still doing plenty on napping and lounging we got so much accomplished: grocery store trip, christmas tree up, mini tree up, kitchen table, dining room table & sofa table christmafied, trip to two fabric stores to clean up the deals, errands to collect girl christmas craft supplies, clean bathrooms, laundry, visit to holly & jenna's, campaigners  & team meeting all complete!  and our front yard was raked because we literally have the nicest neighbor in the entire world.  that man deserves some banana bread.

late to bed, late to rise.  that was my unintentional theme for the week.  i know i will inevitably be a mess as early monday morning rolls around.  i dread it already.


  1. i went to ikea on saturday! how funny would it have been if you had gone and we ran into each other! craziness. miss you jen jen.

  2. i guessed girl for E&R too. that's my non-spiritual spiritual gift and i was wrong.

    we're losing our gifts shave.


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