Tuesday, November 9, 2010

pandora & gmail. gifts.

my mind is just swarming.  as a testimony to that i woke up at about 3 am last night and had more than 3 fake, one-sided conversations, sang more than 5 different songs, planned a bible study and a blog post, and talked to God...all in my head.  i didn't fall back to sleep until some time after 6 am after a warm shower.  after 2+ hours of laying in bed i figured i might as well get my shower out of the way for the day.

so my club talk.  thank you to anyone who was lifting that up in prayer, called or texted to encourage me.  i could not be more grateful.  something a little different happened last night, there weren't enough kids in attendance to run club, i know...bummer.  which in turn meant no talk, which really means that we didn't really have a verbal proclaimation of the gospel at all. but what we did have was an awesome time hanging out with the kids that were there, buck buck and dancing.  of course we would have LOVED to run a big ol' phatty club FILLED with students that got the opportunity to hear REAL TRUTH in a world consumed with lies, but the Lord had different plans for last night and i trust that He knows what he's doing.

i just pray that as a team we will continue to be faithful and that we would not lose heart when things don't look exactly like we'd like them to.  our goal is for students to encounter Jesus and our prayer is that someday they would call him Lord & Savior and i feel like those things ARE happening at l.h.s.  i pray that we'll be consistent, that we'll be putting ourselves out there, putting ourselves into the lives of kids.  i pray that God would raise up high schoolers that partner with us and chase after their friends as they chase after Christ. 

we have big hopes and God has big plans.  i trust that.  God will expand his kingdom at lafayette...i just know it.

***completely unrelated***

today i put on my "fat jeans" which generally hang and look ridiculous on me.  i took them out of the closet and thought..."i want to wear baggy jeans today.  i will be so comfy."  so i popped them in the dryer to dewrinkle, got them out of the dryer, burnt my hand on the metal button, put them on and guess what?  yep, my "fat jeans" fit perfectly.  what a great way to start the day! {i'm being sarcastic if you were curious}

***perhaps semi-related***

i have been eating an obscene amount of halloween candy.  we didn't pass out candy but my nana brought us some and i bought a cheapity cheap bag full the day after.  yikes, i love kit kats.

my cousin sarah & her husband josh should be welcoming their little guy, carter, into the world any day now.  i cannot wait to meet him!  sarah is really small and josh is really tall so it should be interesting to see what God knits together. 

i plan on spending the evening at home tonight, drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows, reading, wearing pj's and hopefully a few friends will stop by for a visit.  the more the merrier.  c'mon.


  1. Whenever I can't sleep, I always get up and clean. I'm weird, I guess. Hot Chocolate is on our menu for tonight, too!

  2. oh the pizza...the good old days :)
    i like you.

  3. Bummer you didn't get to give your talk. But sometimes just hanging out ends up being more fun. We had a really small club last night too but I think it ended up being one of the better ones this semester. Guess its that time of year. I know God is at work in you and at Lafayette though!

  4. I can't wait for you to meet Carter either! He is taking his sweet time, I'm afraid! Love ya- Sarah


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