Sunday, December 12, 2010


 it looks like this outside in lexington:

and now for some updates...

oh my goodness this weekend.  i'm not sure when it happened but all of a sudden we've become the 'up-all-night-ers-party-hoppers-party-hosters'.  weekend after weekend it seems like we're seeing more people, going more places and staying up way too late for my old self.  this weekend was no exception and it was so great!

this post can be dedicated to friday.  a very fun friday.

my day started out with a late arrival to work.  i literally feel like i've been slowly losing my mind over the past month or so.  i'm thinking my wheels {which never stop turning} are starting to wear out.  i think i've just been overwhelmed and overloaded.  i don't know how to fix that.  so after staying up until about 2 am on thursday night i slept in a tad longer than usual {perfect} and since i have a kind boss i had the opportunity to shower & eat breakfast at home {never happens} and be in the word for an hour or so.  it was really blessed time with the Lord.  i read psalm 56 & 57 over and over.  i don't feel attacked by people or circumstances like david did but his dependence on God in times of trial, his desire to find comfort & refuge in Him alone & that his response to trouble was to praise God were all things i certainly needed to do, just like david!

i finished one of my five girl christmas crafts {i'll share soon} and headed to work.  i loved that morning.

evening soon approached and that meant fun fun fun for us & our friends.  our dear friend, shannie, was getting engaged and we were going to throw her a surprise engagement partay!  her and her boo, andy live in south carolina so we had one shot to make it ultra-special.  he did his job {asked shan to be his wife & gave her a gorgeous ring} and we tried our best to do ours {get all of her bestest friends + 1 momma + 1 sister into one house...secretly...decorate, get snacks & celebrate}.  mission accomplished.  the evening was awesome and i hope that shannon & andy felt well loved & celebrated.

here's our night...

.the sweet surprise.

 showin' off the bling

the happy couple


jenna decorated special ale 8 bottles to celebrate.  they are a kentucky tradition and turned out so perfectly!
there were lots of brown boots that night.  this was maybe 1/4 of them.

shandy with your shanandigans-

we couldn't be more happy for you.  really we couldn't.  we are so blessed by each of you in our lives & love that you all will get to spend the rest of your lives living out the gospel together.  marriage {while not always easy} is such an incredible blessing.  God will use your partnership in huge ways to show you more of who He is and sharpen each of you through that covenant to look more like Jesus.  i pray that you all would give your lives away & that you all would be used by God to advance the kingdom in mighty ways.

yay marriage & i'm so glad we're friends.  welcome andy to our family!


  1. It looks like the surprise party was a great success. Can't wait to read about girl Christmas. Glad you liked the scarf. Hope to see you soon.

  2. I love the 'happily ever after' banner!!! Such cute ideas at this par-tay! :)


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