Thursday, November 18, 2010

if you fly with your eyes closed you can't see where you're going

long time no chat friends.
i know something that would make you want to sit down and stay a while...
my team + mustaches
yep.  that's them.  isn't that awesome?
we had mustache club with lhs friends a while ago & it was truly a blast.  we've been struggling a bit with club and these pictures remind me that goofyness and fun open doors and break down walls so that every kind of kid can hear how God loves them.  i'd wear a mustache any day for that.

our wonderful team is taking a trip this weekend, a trip where kids will laugh hard, be loved well, go on adventures & hear the gospel.  i'm so thankful that these friends will have the opportunity to share Truth and Life to folks who couldn't need it more.  please join us in praying for kaitlin, dylan & ang as they head out tomorrow, let them be bold & let God stir in the hearts of many high school guys & girls.  i pray that friends will come home with a recognized Savior.  God is good & oh so faithful.  i know that He will show up.

p.s. try and count my chins
 p.s.s.  look how cool my husband is.

so today i'm trapped at home.  i'm supposed to be at biblestudy with my girlie friends but my radiator exploded & i couldn't get a here i am.  and i can't say i hate it.  i've been gone for the past few days & it feels nice to be home.

before i left ben & i had what we like to call 'college weekend'.  we acted just like we were college kids again.  well, i mean ben is still in school know.  we saw about a billion friends, house hopped, went on dates, watched uk basketball & stayed up entirely too late.  i generally feel old and tired.  that weekend was refreshing & tiring all in one breath.  i don't even know how that's possible.

my friend {and co-worker} jules had a meeting in colorado & i got to come along to aid!  it was a meeting with young life folks so it was double awesome.  mixing work & ministry...that's the best kind of work there is!

we only were able to spend 1 full day in colorado springs and the rest of my time was spent like this...

airport, airplanes, fountain pops, reading, sitting 
oh and i did some sudukos too.  
since julie and i are friends we had an extra special fun trip.  we found out that we love: x-terras {our rental spacious and phatty}, phantom canyon {uber yummy celebration restaurant}, mountains {it's co afterall}, slumber parties, free breakfast {thank you hyatt place}, oh hyatt place, the duggers, lotion & chapstick {winter is drying out our old lady selves} & movie quotes.

here's a couple shots on the way to the hotel.
so stinkin' pretty.
 garden of the gods.  should have taken more pics.  it was gorgeous.
had we known that our flight was delayed 2.5 hours we could have stayed and hiked around a bit...
 lots of sun + big blue skies = little tiny light eyes
 we have bigger eyes but apparently i can't have big eyes and take a pic at the same time.  fail.
now i'm home safe & sound & the trip was a complete success.  i hope the ladies liked us.  how could you not want to buy from these faces.

i feel like the Lord has been teaching me a lot lately and is definitely drawing me into a deeper dependence in Him.  it is the best place to be.  living at the foot of the cross.  i hope i stay there.  one awesome thing i read on my trip was from 'seizing your divine moment'.  mcmanus said " must treasure the invitation to join God.  these moments {divine moments} can only be grasped when one moment with God is worth more than an eternity without Him."  i want Christ to be my everything. i hope i treasure Him.

today was back to the grind but i was able to eat lunch with my poppa for his birthday which was so nice.  i don't get to see him enough.  i loved that he was able to fit in a trip to lexington.  i gave him narnia.  i hope he'll like it.  if you haven't read it, you should.  7 awesome books, perhaps intended for children but perfect for all.

i also was blessed to spend time with my friend emily from lhs.  we got to talk about chasing after Christ, serving people & building community.  she is such an encouragement to me.  i know that the Lord is at work in her.

aaand i got to see benny for a second.  i really love spending time with him.

i can't believe tomorrow is friday.  trips make the work week feel awfully short.  and when i say awfully i mean awesomely short.  the weekend is swiftly approaching!  happy thursday all.

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