Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i'm not a morning person, or a night person. sad.

what! what! 3 day week!  i am loving that tomorrow will be my last workday this week.
{time to celebrate}

this past weekend was a little rough.  we weren't able to go with our students to weekend camp since we didn't take enough students from our school.  it was disappointing because we know what can happen in those three days and it was difficult to not be a part of that.  and we missed being with our team too.  but God is so good and of course he doesn't need ben or i to work out His will.  

we had a hangout instead of campaigners not knowing who would be up for coming over after the long weekend and it was awesome.  i loved hearing the girls go on and on about how much fun they had.  that made me really happy.  i loved just being together, laughing, having community, playing apples to apples.  we love those friends.

last night, monday, we had club.  it was awesome.  i had mentioned that things had felt 'hard' at club lately, it felt like a struggle, a struggle to have students there, a struggle to have fun, to have energy.  i reminded myself that no matter what club looked like that we have an opportunity every week to talk to kids about Jesus and to glorify the Lord.  even if it doesn't look like a conventional club.  but this week, we had club and the Holy Spirit was there.  how blessed to be a part of that.  benny talked about Sin.  that's a hard talk to give, and a hard talk to hear.  but you can't understand the power of the cross & the gravity of grace until you wrap your head around where we actually stand without Christ.  ang talked more about it {here}.

i pray that God will stir in the hearts of our friends after that talk.  i pray that they'd come back and hear about the glorious news of the cross next week.  God, let them hear.

i've been reading this quote lately and gosh, does it fill me with passion and urgency:
"If sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms around their knees, imploring them to stay. If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for. - C.H. Spurgeon.

now we're watching the cats in the maui invitational.  they make me feel a little scared.  they explode with awesomeness, run up a huge lead and then let their opponent come back over and over.  that's a little baby team for you.  still very exciting to watch though.  if you don't like basketball you might be interested to know that the commentators keep repetitively mentioning how wet and sweaty the ball is because maui is humid.  sick.

it's nearly thanksgiving.  did you hear me?  it's nearly thanksgiving.  i can't believe it.  we're going to northern kentucky and i am psyched.  i love ben's fam and i love being back 'home'.  it's not really my home now that i've lived in lexington to 6 years and my parents don't even live there anymore, but i still consider it 'home'.  i can't wait to see them & also see some friends that live there.  i have some crafts to take care of but i'm not sure if i'll work on them up there or not.  decisions, decisions.  we've also discussed doing some weekend shopping...buuut this weekend is black friday so i'm a little intimidated to say the least.  i don't want to get trampled for deals.

things i plan on working on in the next 2 weeks:
-- christmas list & gifts: this has absolutely snuck up on me & i hate giving gifts last minute.  i'd like to do something thoughtful for the people i love but i am a terrible gift giver.  so hence, i must start brainstorming sweet treats to celebrate the people so dear to me.
-- girl christmas crafts!  our 8th or 9th annual girl christmas party is right around the corner.    girl christmas has certainly evolved and we love what it has become.  i'll share more about that soon!
-- hang things on my walls {how long have i been saying that?} i know i know.  but it has to happen.  has to.  before christmas.  ben will be out of school soon so maybe if i could ever decide on placement he could help me.  my walls are bare.
-- i don't know if this is COMPLETELY unrealistic but i would love to whip up some curtains and have those hung as well.  i know i'm being very ambitious.
--  put up our christmas decorations including our tree.  i'm so excited to do this with benny. decorating while listening to christmas music & drinking hot chocolate - so stinkin' great.
-- eat turkey!

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