Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i could sleep for 24 hours

since i haven't taken any photos, i can't upload any pics for your blogging enjoyment so i guess this will have to be one installment of jen's life in words.  part 1 of many perhaps.  i hear you saying "awww" in disappointment.  i'm sorry people!

i've missed out on blogging all kinds of fun over the past few weeks.  lots of time with friends & students & family & benny.  lots of parties & hangouts & adventures.  i wish i could have been on top of things so that it wouldn't all be a blur today.  welp, what can you do?

here is a bunch of random nonsense to bring us up to speed...
{1} my house is completely un-fall-ish.  there isn't even a hint of festivities lurking.  it looks just like every other season.  i hope i get into the decorating spirit before christmas rolls around!

{1b} i went to michael's the other day and was already sucked into buying christmas-y things.  it was still october when that happened.  yikes.

{1c} c is sad.  i have sadly already let my perfectly clean wonder-house a la benny get cluttered again.  as soon as i get home today i am going to "super fast pick-up" which is where you pick-up...super fast.

{2} benny had his last day of observation today for the semester.  the sweet lady he observes had all the little babies draw ben pictures and then take a silly class picture for him.  isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?  he's going to be such a great teacher!

{3}we had all-city club this week.  it was a blast.  our club is changing some this semester which is exciting but a little strange all in one.  i miss the kids i used to see all the time but am excited because of the new opportunities that are being laid in front of us.

{3b} i have to get to give my first ever club talk next monday, the 8th.  i have eluded the "talk" for the past 5 years and's go time.  i have a public speaking phobia.  it isn't mild.  like i have a physical reaction to it.  when jerry seinfeld jokes about people who are more scared of public speaking than death...that's me.  i just am praying that the Lord will do something miraculous {literally} and that "i may proclaim it [the gospel] clearly, as I should".  your prayers are welcomed & appreciated.

{4} for a few months i've been cooking up ideas for how i will someday quit working, have babies and stay at home.  i realize that this may never become a full-fledged reality but a girl came dream right?  while dreaming i've concocted quite a few avenues for me to bring a little extra cash.  purusing etsy is just about the biggest "I CAN DO THAT!" motivator i've ever seen.  i'll keep you up-to-date as i start to dabble.  its hard to dabble when you currently have a full-time job but if anything is good i will share it with the world {aka you}.

i could do that!
{living my dream here}

{5} my sweet friend mere just welcomed her sweet baby girl, elle, into the world.  is she a doll or what!?

{6} a few weeks ago we were blessed to participate in a golf outing for libby ryder.  if you contributed...thank you so much!  i know that they appreciate it.  justin actually got to come to town for the event and it was so awesome to see him. i hope that he felt really loved being here.  i pray that our friends continue to feel prayerfully and financially supported by our community.  the Lord has certainly blessed us with their friendship, i see Jesus in their lives.  i hope they feel encouraged in return.

there is more. but that is all for now. i shall return friends. 


  1. Thanks for the update! I have also thought about making those pics (the ABC's & 123's!! I've already started some!)

  2. Jen, On Monday night, try and find a few friendly faces in the crowd, before you get up to speak. If you get nervous, look at each of those faces in turn. I'm sure you will see support and encouragement in their eyes.

    I'll be praying for you. You have so much to share with those young people, how can you fail.

    Love, Mom


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