Friday, June 11, 2010

welcome home

meet harley.  this is my mom & pop's new baby.  he is just the cutest, most darling little baby fluff ball in the whole world.  he likes to run, do flips, make friends, bite long hair & follow people.
i really want him to come stay with us.
harley has a friend.  this is windel aka winnie the pooh-dle.  he is very sweet too.  this is my sister & brother-in-law's new pup.  they love to chase each other. 
{i learned that it is very hard to take pictures of active puppies.  i they were so cute playing together i wanted to capture it so badly, but by the time my camera would take...the moment would be gone.}
while my parents & sister are welcoming new furry additions to their homes i am adding a few pieces to our house as well.

weeks months ago i saw garden stools at big lots for $20.  i stood and stared at them for about 10 good minutes & in my thrifty-ness i decided i didn't need the garden stool & passed it up.  from then on i was suffering terribly from "non-buyers remorse".  i thought about them all the time.  i would see something similar at other stores & want to snatch them up but unfortunately they were about 3 TIMES more than the big lots steal & i just couldn't bring myself to fork over the cash.  even target wanted me to pay $69 for one on sale.  LAME.

and then the fateful day came.  right before i left marshall's i found this.  $25.  my garden stool.  perfect.  i dropped everything else i had in my hands in order to take this baby home.

{sorry for the fuzzy picture above.  i hope someday it will be nestled in a room and look as pretty as these}

{material girl's blog}
{high heeled foot in the door}
{the lennoxx}
{the things we heart}

when i was in louisville visiting parents, puppies & having a sewing day my mom & pop decided to get rid of this little guy.  yes please.  i will find you a new home.  gray oval mirror. {please don't look at the trash surrounding my perfect gray oval mirror}.

here's my peddler's mall find.  i had the same "garden stool experience" with this little guy.  i saw it.  thought of all the things i wanted to do with it and then left it there.  as soon as we got back to work i knew i really wanted it.  so very next day...peddler's mall round 2.  $9.00 woot woot & it's a good size too!
.here's some inspiration pics for what i should do with him.
{elle decor}
{albert hadley}

happy friday everyone!

hope all is well & that you have a fabulous weekend filled with fun & friends planned.  benny has to take the ACT tomorrow morning & the empending 72 hours of thunderstorms that are supposedly rolling in don't have me all excited but i know we'll enjoy our time home nonetheless.

if you're in town...holler friends!


  1. Yay for puppies and good deals at the store! Thanks for the inspiration! You look beautiful in these pictures! Love and miss you!

  2. These just make me happy! You scored some awesome deals!!! Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by! What adorable cute. Those garden stools are awesome too. I have not seen those before.

    Have a great weekend! I know lots of Jens!!

  4. aw those puppies are so sweet!

  5. Thanks for stopping at my photo blog and leaving me such a sweet comment! I see you are a YL leader. Our church is affiliated with YL in our town and it's a great program!
    I love your finds, and that picture you took that shows you in the mirror is so cute!

  6. Aww how adorable are those puppies! :)

  7. Those are great finds Jen! I love the gray oval mirror. You sound just like me with the "non-buyers remorse"...happens to me ALL the time! I'm usually not as lucky to refind what I was looking for though.

  8. Adorable puppies! My dad and step mom adopted a big puppy last year and he jumps all over people. Kind of scary for our little 4 year old!
    Love the gray mirror, great color too.
    Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment.


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