Thursday, June 3, 2010

lettuce be together

i wish i had this memory on film.  it most likely wouldn't be a movie that anyone would want to watch but me {but i would love it}

when i was in college, ben was still living in northern kentucky.  while dating long distance we would see each other maybe every three weeks or so.  perhaps needless to say, our visiting time was always treasured & special.

one weekend in particular we hadn't arranged to be together.  he was going to be home & i in lexington.  {my memory is hazy but i don't think that we had discussed an impending trip either}.  our friend steph was coming to town to visit her boyfriend who lived in the same apartment complex as me {exact same situation as ben & i, just reversed}.  i was expecting steph, she stayed the night with us every now & then on her visits.

steph came through the door, i was back in my room and hollering away {i yell in excitement frequently}, all while being dressed indecently {if memory serves}.  i don't like to get ready with pants that a crime?  she rushed in and shut my bedroom door to prevent any unexpected guests from accidently stumbling upon said indecency.  the unexpected guests were not unexpected to steph....she had rode down with benny and couple of guys for a visit.  i was so surprised & excited to see friends, and of course, BENNY.

the surprise is not the best part of this visit. ben also brought me this.
yes, it is a head of lettuce, carved into the shape of a heart.  it came with a note that simply read:

how cute is he? 
the sweetest boyfriend / husband a girl could ask for.  and punny too.  i'm oh so very blessed.

i'm sure he's sufficiently mad that i've recorded this via blog but it had to be done.  i don't want to forget all my favorite memories!


  1. You two are a match! I love it! Ben and Jen forever!

  2. Ahh, I love it! For some reason I've never heard this's so sweet!

  3. What a wonderfully sweet memory! You'll be GLAD you have it down here to treasure :-) Sounds like you've got a keeper! Happy Friday!

  4. I remember when that happened and have even shared that story with friends of mine/ just pointing out what a sweet thoughtful Son-in-law I have. Mom

  5. That is adorable! Sounds like you have a keeper! If you need some interesting and fun date ideas come on over and learn about the Great Date Experiment! So fun.


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