Thursday, June 24, 2010


i have a feeling that my next post will be filled with many words & few pictures so here is a post full of inspiring images and few words.  it all evens out right?  love love.

some things i'd like to take part in...

i'd like to enjoy a big ol' bowl of cereal right about here...
Dining Room  dining room

drop my keys by this door
Fun hallway eclectic hall

snuggle up on my homemade couch
July 13, 2009 eclectic living room

and enjoy little pleasures
beach vintage

do you spy another eagled mirror? me too
Gorgeous bookshelf with back painted dark eclectic living room

work hard & play hard...
Dreamy Whites

it's a billion degrees in kentucky.  i need this pointed directly at my face.
Guestroom eclectic bedroom

oh and a bundle of pretties to top it all off.
good idea/ replace pink with mirror


  1. very pretty! i love the yellow.

  2. love these things! i ripped that last pic out of real simple years ago :)

  3. Beautiful images. I love the homemade couch. I could really catch a nap on that!!

    It's hot here in Chicago, too.


  4. Love your style Jen! So cozy and vintage. I hear ya-it's nearing a billion degrees here too. Try not to melt, k?

  5. Oh...I could live in any of those photos! So beautiful! :)

  6. The first blog I read of yours has just given me the last bit of inspiration I needed to start finishing my studio!

    So, now I am hooked!

    You and your husband are oh so cute!

    And girl, do that ottoman! If this klutz can do it.. By goodness, you can definitely do it! And better!


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