Monday, June 28, 2010

eight, nine, ten days ago...

i have to be random.  i'm sorry, it's who i am.

so, as usual, here is a lil update on all the comings & goings around the bski household.

this past weekend was perfect.  well, perfect isn't the right word but it surely was filled with fun, joy, laughter, friends, family & more.

my husband did all the sweetest husbandly things that he could do.  many of those sweet things being chores that we had been putting off for weeks days.  one example being a desperate run to the grocery store.  ben loaded us up on all the goodies i had been depriving us of.  he also bought us dinner for the evening.  benny cooked us steaks on the grill & i manned the stove top {or womanned the stovetop?}.  yummy food & blessed conversation.  i can't recall much after dinner.  maybe i entered a food coma?  all i do remember is not taking care of anything else i had needed to do for the rest of the evening.

not my bag. our groceries are 90% sugar.

not my steak

due to a series of gloriously unstable plans we actually had a relaxing, blissful day out on the lake scheduled.  as the skies grew gray and the rain beat down we thought that our perfect boat outing might nearly be foiled but, with hope, we drove and drove toward lake cumberland with 4 of our favorite couples.  when we arrived it was still overcast but we headed out nonetheless.  we had a double-decker pontoon {with slide of course} at our disposal for the entire day.  after a few hours sheltered by clouds the sun decided to join the party.  the boys {husband included} did rediculous tricks and the girlies sunbathed.
not our boat. or our friends.  the only camera on the boat was a boy's so i'm sure those photos will never be seen again.

as we pulled into our court i saw ben's car from afar waiting for us... covered in car chalk from our yl girls.  they are hilarious.  our driveway was not forgotten either.  they mainly left hate mail for benny & love notes for me.  they are so sweet.

then off to the movies.  i went to meet the little ladies at the next karate kid and let me just tell you...that jaden smith is such a cutie.  i could only stay for half of the movie because a migraine was ruining my life, but as of last night i got to see the film in its entirety. i really loved it.  it wasn't terribly cheesy {which i had feared} and it was based in china {TREAT}.

although i went to sleep feeling like death on saturday it really was a day filled with all my favorite things.  those days don't come along that often.  it was a blessing.

FATHER'S DAY.  oh poppa's.  i have two fantastic dad's and i am incredibly blessed to have them in my life.  i don't know what i would do without them!  i got to see one dad and eat dinner with our whole family.  visiting & catching up is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  i will see my other poppa this coming weekend {now already past}!  they are both so dear to me!

because it was father's day i spent a good chunk of time whipping up some snicker-doodles in the kitchen for my dad that loves sweets.  i have to say...they weren't too shabby.  i can definitely take on baking {cooking is another story}.

the remainder of the day was filled with other pleasant happenings.  we ran to home depot to begin our "dresser project," benny worked, i got to spend time with my dear friend rach, started priming and priming that big ol' dresser & prayed with our team & high school friends for our up-coming trip to yl camp.

.more updates to come.

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  1. i love spending time with you...I also love seeing you in your pretty wedding dress dancing with your pops.

    Love you babe.



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