Friday, June 4, 2010

excitement isn't the right word...

tonight, yes, husband will be going ghost hunting with his poppa, tony.  i'm pretty sure that neither ben or his father believe in ghosts but we'll see what happens on their adventure.  they are going to {waverly hills sanatorium} in louisville from midnight until 4 am.  check out that link for the history of the place.  i'm sure they will scare each other to death.  maybe ben will make his first ever appearance on {with grace & lace} to fill us in!  hint hint.  benny, it would be a perfect debut.  my husband, the ghost hunter.

i, on the other hand, will be going to louisville for another reason.  i will be having a weekend filled with fun for me {and ammunition for ben}.  me & some girlie friends are luggin' our sewing machines & tools down to louisville to have julie's momma teach us some tricks of the trade.  she is super knowledgeable so we're hoping some of her skills will rub off on us.  i'm sure our trip will also include giggling, driving, squealling, world market & fabric stores.  all of the above sound like bliss {and also sound like things YOUNG ladies would take part in....not OLD ladies}.

can't wait to share our happenings!  happy weekend friends.


  1. wow i would be way too freaked out to ever do that!!! Good luck to your hubby haha :)

  2. Can't wait to hear about your "sewing retreat" Jen! Are you planning to make anything in particular?

  3. JEN! I live right down the street from Waverly...i can see it from the street...super creepy, but tons of history and weirdness

  4. i went to waverly!! there were some things for sure that did not seem quite right...but i had a lot of fun! and didn't wet my pants. double win!

  5. You'll have to tell Ben that Katie and I have ALWAYS had somewhat of a fascination with that place! You'll have to let us know how it goes for them :)

  6. 1. It cracks me up home much ben's fam loves those crazy ghost shows
    2. I can't believe they are actually ghost hunting - you did not mention that last night!
    3. I'm so jealous that you get to sew with all those ladies.
    4. Hope you have loads of fun!
    5. I love you & miss you & hope to see you very soon!

  7. That is an impressive amount of sewing threads there, and looks like you came up with the goods in your sewing adventures!


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