Monday, November 12, 2012

sweet dreams

in the past seven days i've had nothing but ridiculous dreams.  to share a few...

first i dreamt [is that not a word? what is the past tense of dream?  dang it] anyway, i had a dream that i was pregnant again.  like right now, with the same life i currently have.  a three month old, insurance that wouldn't cover a pregnancy, same house, etc.  i just cried and cried and thought about how mad ben was going to be at me.  just to be certain, i made sure that i'm not in real life.  yikes and yowzers!  i love our little bean but two babies within one year - i don't think that's for me.

then last night i had a dream that em and i were out running errands when all of a sudden i looked down and she was standing up on her own!  i screamed and squealed to which she responded by falling on the ground [gracefully i'm sure].  but then she rolled over from her back to her belly [which she's never done] and then said her first words: "piggy tails" three times.  hahahah  what kind of crazy pills am i on?  i'm sure her first words will in fact be in reference to hair since i tell her about a zillion times a day how i can't wait to put bows in her hair and her 'best friends' are her headbands.

Last but not least I had a dream that we had a house full of family and if anyone picked up this certain baby doll in the house it turned into emmie, I woke up in a panic after we had FOUR emmies in the house - traumatic!

ps hardee's commercials make me want to puke.

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  1. Dreamt...Canads.

    It's pretty clear you're supposed to have another child.

    I can't believe Hardee's still exists.


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