Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ho ho ho merrrrry christmas

you ready for some poor quality, unedited pics full of cheer?  i figured so.  on sunday we filled our house with christmas joy.  ok, we actually only really put up the tree and hung up two stockings but we're on our way.  for some reason when i dug through our decorations not too many struck me this year.  most of them still lay in boxes in the garage.  i guess we'll do some new 'sprucing' this year.  

i really wanted a family picture.  not like a 'perfect' picture but just something sweet of our FIRST christmas trimming the tree together.  i dressed my child up like a christmas elf and put on a headband on her because she's a little ambiguous without it.  unfortunately, her headbands sometimes shuffle around, almost fall off and end up right on top of her head.  then i wait too long and my husband with 'the perfect christmas beard' goes and shaves before i get the camera out. and last but not least, momma is staring at baby in the screen instead of smiling for the camera - go figure.  here is the FIRST christmas tree trimming as a family of three. #babycheeks
 fa la la .. la .. la

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