Monday, November 12, 2012

poppin' in to say 'ellow'

the amount of things i want to document and the amount of things that actually end up on here are not equal.  that is certain.

some things that i'd like to remember + a few pictures of my chunk of a baby mixed in.  here we go.

a few weekends ago i had the pleasure of attending a shower for my sister-in-law-to-be.  i absolutely love morgan and i couldn't be happier that she is going to be part of our family.  for years i've been planning on morgan becoming my sister [maybe even when her and chris weren't dating] so their up-coming marriage is a total joy for ben & i.  the shower was beautiful, full of yummy food, sweet friends and of course, morgan was showered with all kinds of goodies for her and her hubs to start their life together.  seeing her grateful heart as she thanked everyone just made you want to cry.

[not my pic]
 [also not my pic] - aren't they just adorable?

last saturday ben and i got to go on a date.  yes!  a date.  it was just dinner and a stroll around the mall together but that was enough.  it was a dream & i wore a dress, just because no one was going to spit on it [hopefully].  even with the most hellish head cold, it was wonderful & i'm so thankful for it.  i loved getting some alone time with benny.  we both know that its so necessary but it honestly is much harder than i anticipated with a little one, work, ministry & friends.  even if we make the time, it almost hurts to ask our families one. more. time. to watch our little stinker.  i'm thinking that they love to see her but i also know they have lives to live as well and just might want a date with their boo too!  it makes it a little better that she is the most adorable little sumo that there ever was.
i've been able to have some fun with our h.s. friends as well, we had a bonfire for lhs, a few lunch & dinner dates sprinkled in, worked homecoming and a banquet for young life in lexington.  i feel a little more like i'm getting my feet under me when it comes to being in the lives of people at lafayette and that brings me a lot of joy.  if there comes a time when we are called away from young life...there will be so much that i miss.
i've had dates with friends my own age too [yes i have friends my own age!] - and it has been good for the soul.  ben and the boys went to a cabin to shoot guns and celebrate a birthday.  while the boys were away all the ladies and their army of minis wandered on down to cracker barrel for early dinner [the most appropriate early dinner location we could find].  we were getting quite a few glances from the early birds as our five babies and seven mamas chowed and chatted.  i'm thinking it was because our babies are so cute and not because we looked like sister wives.
something big [for me] happened last week.  i left emmie with a stranger for the first time.  she went to daycare during my bsf class.  she had a cold [and i'm a little crazy] so i was a tad worried about her.  she was fine of course and next time i'm sure it will be easier.  i didn't cry incase you're wondering buuuut i may have stopped in to check on her once.  before we had e.c.b. i always told my friends and benny to tell me when i'm being crazy.  now that emmie is actually here ben will tell me i'm being over the top and i just don't care.  to quote my dear bestie - i'll be as crazy as i want to be.

this should make your day.  my little brother mentioned that emmie is basically a girl russell from UP.  uhhh, holy crap she totally is.  baahahaha look at how sweet!
i've had a lot of goals go unaccomplished lately.  i'm trying not to be too hard on myself but at the same time attempting to stay motivated & not give up working at it.  a few of my lofty goals [that are simple for most] are to buy healthy food, make lunches and dinners and eat them, clean my disgusting house [deep clean & tidy up - stay on top of it], paint & do crafts [i have several things i'd like to have done at the house], start my christmas shopping / making / planning.  maybe i should take notes from my little lady.  she seems to get a lot done.  ps - she wrapped herself up like the virgin mary while playing on the floor this week, i'll def be stealing the pic from ben's phone to share.

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  1. I love the picture of Emmie with the cartoon character. Can't wait to see that sweet face again.
    Momma Karen


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