Thursday, November 1, 2012

i should be cleaning...

so my days are a little bit of a blur. the majority of the time i look down at the clock around 3:30 and have no idea what I've done with the last 8 hours. one thing i know has not been accomplished - my house is never ever clean. no matter how hard I try it just stays a mess. it's borderline frustrating & the chances that i already have a post [or several] titled 'i should be cleaning' is pretty high if that's any indicator.  so instead of doing something productive (like dishes) i thought i'd just blog instead.

yesterday was halloween and all i did was this...a sweet bib from auntie molly was the extent of dressing up for our three month old. am i a bad mom? i saw that my friend dressed up her puppies and decided yes, yes i am.  it just seemed like work and/or money, it got real cold and let's face it, every house would know that i'm gonna eat her candy if we went trick or treating. i don't need that neighborhood judgement.
we went over to granna and pop's house to see our family and the little cousins all dressed up.  i should have snapped a picture of all of them.  i'm a bad cousin; they were adorable!  we have a yearly tradition of everyone going to my parents to trick or treat and then come back for soup, chili and grill cheeses.  it's wonderful.  me and the bean couldn't stay long because we had a younglife dance party to get to.
[mini cheese]
again, we were a little lame in the costume department.  i was a pizza, if you're my friend you've probably seen my costume and benny had a baby doll strapped to his rear.  he was a baby sitter.  all the kids though were decked out.  it was pretty amazing.  we had an awesome sweaty time with our friends at lhs.
 dj footie pajamas doing his thang.
in other news... this past weekend we were able to celebrate the marriage or two sweet friends. it was beautiful and i'm always so excited to listen to the vows and remember how special and blessed the covenant of marriage is!
i also was thankful to spend a few hours with benny out of the house & baby free. sure I had to pump under a blanket driving around man-o-war but hey, not a bad sacrifice for a date.
i didn't really partake in the raging dance party that followed the ceremony but did get to have great time laughing and catching up with friends.  i love that.  and watching some of our friends dance is for sure just as good as doing it yourself.  they're hilarious.

other fun happenings around the brzinski household...if you follow us on instagram you've likely seen all of these [sorry folks!] follow along - [ jenbrzinski ]

family dinner with the out-of-towners.  benny's aunt, uncle & cousins were in this weekend and we had the pleasure of visiting with them + more over dinner.
will holding emmie.  she loved him [although the picture may not show that].  and no, that's not a medic on site... it's ben's aunt cathy giving assistance but with a cold so she wore a mask to protect the little babe.  how sweet right!?
due to the wedding we had some out-of-town friends in as well.  totally my dream.  since we're all growing up, being adults, getting married etc. some of my best girl friends in the whole world have moved out of our perfect little town.  heartbreaking.  so when they venture back in, it's like all is right with the world.  it was kind of like a PG version of sex and the city breakfasts where just the girls get to go out & catch up over orange juice.  but unlike satc we won't get to do that every week [arg] so i was definitely savoring it.  i should have snapped a pick of my good food & good company.  photographer jenna, where's my reminder?!

emmie has had really interesting sleep habits lately: super long naps, no naps, great nights of sleep and nights with no sleep.  i'm not really sure what to make of it or better yet, how to make it consistent.  and good.  consistently good.  she's getting enough rest overall, i'm not worried about her i just really want her to be on a schedule so in turn, i can be on a schedule.  i'm that girl.

[emmie getting good snuggles with poppa after work.  sleeping with her hands on her face.  hilarious.]

monday was story night at ben's school so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take emmie up to the school to meet some kids, parents, coworkers and of course visit poppa while he read to littles.  i asked emmie nicely to not get all messy since we were going to work and this is what she did.  neck to knee spit up.  oh, and all the way down one arm.  disgusting.  don't worry baby, they all loved you. spit all all.  you're too cute for it to matter & no one can get over your cheeks to notice.
this week i was on a mission to capture some faces that emmie makes when i'm burping her.  they are so funny & so her.  unfortunately when she sees my phone she quits making faces and just stares.  whomp whomp.  but this face is still awesome even if it's not the 'face' i was hoping she'd make.
and just for fun, emmie's sandals for next summer. they were $1.47 a pair and i can't wait til her tiny tootsies can fit in there!
hope all is well in your world & that you're not freezing in your neck of the woods.  it's awfully cold here & i am thankful multiple times a day that we have heat.  now off to snuggle back into bed until the bean gets up & then maybe i'll just snuggle her in here too.  love!

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  1. YAY! I love seeing pictures of Miss Emmie growing up! She is so big! I want to squeeze her and kiss those sweet cheeks! I miss you and your sweet, little family!


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