Tuesday, November 27, 2012

4 month check up

we have one happy, healthy little bean on our hands!  i woke baby emmie up from her super sound sleep [so sad] to make it to her appointment on time.  i guess at 2 months when i made this appointment, our schedule was a wee bit different.  she had a terrible nights' sleep last night [not the worst but pretty awful] so that just added to my anxiety.  "she's going to be so fussy when i get her up, she's going to freak out even worse over these shots, our entire lives are ruined" ...and the like ran through my head.  surprise, surprise, she did just fine.  she was smiling ear to ear as we sat in the waiting room.  cooed at the dr. until he messed with her too long and even quickly recovered after her shots.

although i hate every moment of it, i'm so thankful that we are blessed with access to great healthcare for our little one and that those terrible shots are going to keep her big, strong and healthy.

as of today, her 4 month birthday, [ahhhhh!] emmie collins is 25.5" tall [90th percentile] and is 15 pounds and 15 ounces [95th percentile].  my dad's response: "she's the top of her class!"  hahaha that's a good way to look at it.  the doctor looked at her chart and then at me and said "how tall are you?  you're not that tall."  you're right sir, i'm not in the 90th percentile for 27 year old women, i don't know where she gets it.  we also found out that ecb has eczema, so sad.  i had a feeling that she did and with all my crazy skin junk i feel like it was her fate [i have this].  but now i know how to treat hers, so hopefully we'll be on the road to recovery!

i have all kinds of other emmie updates & milestones to record, but those will have to wait until her 4 month 'post'.  you were a champ today little one!  i'm a proud momma.  ps, three people commented on your eye brows today.  you're like a mini brooke shields.  or anthony davis.

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