Wednesday, July 18, 2012

first week of 'retirement'

my first week of 'freedom'.  maybe my only week of freedom depending on how you look at it.  benny and i have been resting, working & playing.  all complete necessities.  now that we've joined the rest of the world [iphone converts] i have a few more pictures for our life along the way.  i haven't documented everything but i'm getting a little better at it.  give it time.

we've been working on emmie's room a bunch.  we have a 'deadline' [aka e.c.'s birth] unfortunately we just don't know what day that is.  so we've been working pretty feverishly to get everything put together.  she's got a twin bed and crib kickin'.  her rocker, dresser & one curtain are all complete.  the last curtain is in the works, along with a little side table and all the pretties that will adorn her walls.  don't worry, i'll do a little nursery post to document it once it's a little more complete.  we're getting awfully close!

we've also had meetings with friends, lunch with my momma, a doctor's appointment & ultrasound [all is well], went swimming and ventured to a baseball game on a double date!
95 degrees is a little warm for me and this bump but i loved getting to hang out with them & ben and being at the ball park is always such a fun atmosphere.
let freedom week continue!  we'll be back for more oh so very soon :)

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