Saturday, July 14, 2012

the end? the beginning?

yesterday marked the end and the beginning of some big things in my life.  it was my last day at work.  i've been working as an inside sales rep for a screenprinting company for the past four and a half years [glamorous i know] and friday was officially the end.  like i mentioned on my pic caption, it is a bittersweet day, but mostly sweet.  i utterly despised working 40 hours a week but my job really was pretty simple, we were more than provided for, & i got to work with a bunch of great people.  picture 'the office' if michael scott loved Jesus.  it's kind of like that.  i'm going to miss those parts.  it will be so strange to go to bed and not have work to go to in the morning.  

one of the biggest blessings to me was getting to see people just a little older than me and how they view family, work, life and the Lord.  getting to hear their conversations, how they were discipling their families, how generous they were to others - that was so good for me.  we don't know a ton of people in that next stage of life [with kids who are a little older, life in their 30's, etc.] so i truly loved getting to experience that.  there were definitely people there who i look up to.  and people i just really enjoyed spending my days with [if it had to be at work].  we have certainly shared a whole mess of hours working in a 'cabin' together & a whole lot of laughs to get us through.

it's not all sad.  that end means i'm starting a new adventure.  one of mommy-hood, at home.  i'm pretty sure that i was made for this.  eventually i'm hoping to find something part-time / from home that i can get into but until then...i'm going to be soaking up all the time i can making our house a home, caring for a little bean & hopefully investing in my husband, babe, friends & h.s. girlies.  i could not be more thrilled that our timing and finances are working out in such a way that this is even possible.  i know that it is all divine.  there will be somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks where ben and i will get to be home together after little emmie comes and i cannot imagine a better situation.  after that benny will begin teaching.  while i will seriously miss him being at home with the babe & i, i just can't get over the fact that he's going to begin his career and basically at the perfect time as far as our family is concerned.  i am simply amazed by the Lord's provision.

so this may not be an exciting post to those of you reading but let me assure you, this post is a very big deal to our little family.  goodbye 8 to 5.  hello, adventure.


  1. Staying at home with your babies can definitely feel like a 'calling' - just like many people get for their jobs. I have felt like being an SAHM was a perfect fit for me from the beginning, and I am sure you will be wonderful and love it as well. Can't wait to hear about all the adventures of you and baby Emmie. :) Good to see you yesterday as well!

  2. can we celebrate your first day of retirement? what are you doing tomorrow for lunch?? let's get anyone together that can go - your pick - to celebrate your first non-working monday!

  3. So pumped for you Jen. I loved my work outside of the home too before I worked at home (meaning, full time SAHM) with my babes BUT it's nothing compared to the AWESOMENESS of being a momma to your babes at home. I will hands down say what I do daily was harder then getting a master's degree, harder then working full time, and mostly, harder then most things I had done before now. But it is the most joyous thing I have ever done and I am speechlessly thankful to God for the opportunity. Your post was solid. Enjoy the read. Keep those older mommas in your life as you start staying at home too. Let um' love on you and serve you with encouragement!

  4. you were made for this

    haha get it?


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