Tuesday, July 24, 2012

39 weeks + 40 and a day

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds and 19 or 21 inches long.  her brain is growing at a super fast rate.  yay smart baby. babe is head down and pushing on all my things.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! our mini, emmie collins.

movement: she has longer periods of resting now but when she's moving she is REALLY moving.  moving all over, and for big chunks of time.  in the middle of each night she starts her baby rave and it doesn't really stop until i get up in the morning.  i still loving knowing that she's ok in there but now that she's bigger it can get pretty uncomfortable or even painful.

momma developments: i'm still doing well.  i'm achy-er than normal, feeling gigantic & tired as all get out - but from what i hear could be happening i think i've got it made.  i'm actually writing this at 40 weeks and a day and up until now i still haven't had a single contraction, braxton hicks or otherwise.  and no other sign that labor is on its way.  i'm praying that all that will change very very soon.  like now.   right now.

total weight gain:  35-36 pounds.

maternity clothes: yes ma'am!  bump-tastic.  there is no way you could squeeze me into normal clothes now! i'm even getting too big for a lot of my preggo clothes.  who even knew that could happen?

cravings: orange pop, dr. pepper and all things sweet.  why would this happen?

anything hard?
waiting.  UGH.  waiting and waiting and waiting.  i know she's only a day 'late' but i've been ready for over a week so now that her due date has come and gone i just cannot stand not knowing when she's going to be here.

walking and sleeping.

never forget:
we had an ultrasound at the beginning of week 39.  little em is doing just fine in there.  they measured her and checked all her little baby parts - everything is "perfect."  those were their words.  they have 8 measures that they check on and she passed each one with flying colors.  they also estimated her weight, they said she could be 8.2 pounds.  YIKES!  i hope that's not real.  my midwife smushed around on my belly yesterday and said she thinks it's more likely that she's around 7.5 pounds right now.  i choose to believe her. even just for my own sanity.

t.m.i alert:  i got checked yesterday and i was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced for those of you wondering medically what's going on down there.  they're going to let me wait until next tuesday to see if she'll come on her own. i am praying praying praying that she comes on her own.

week 39 was my first week off work we got a lot done and can finally say we're really 'ready to go'.  we got to see all kinds of family and friends in our week off, organize the house, get your room in order, mow the yard etc.  we were so blessed to have benny's mom, emmie's future nonna, come down and help us clean the house.  like top to bottom, all kinds of clean.  it looks beautiful.  i don't ever want it to get messy again.  we were able to celebrate your great-grandma's birthday and got to see your great-great uncle, john from california.

little babe, our hospital bags are packed [you have one too].  your room is complete.  our house is clean.  now we just need a babe to bring in here.  we're so ready for you.


  1. Good luck with your delivery! i hope she decides to come soon :) i just had my first little guy last week and have been lurking your blog because our due dates are so close together (his was the 21st). Many blessings for your little family during this time!

  2. I know it is hard to wait. When I carried you, I thought if one more person said "You haven't had that baby yet" I would scream. Good Luck. I am praying your delivery will be as uneventful as the pregnancy. I jus can't wait to see her.
    Love, Momma

  3. Wow -- entire house clean!!!! What a blessing!!!! I just remember being obsessed with cleaning the refrigerator on my due date. It was really weird! Can't wait to meet Emmie! PS - do you still need the swing? I just realized you never got it at the party!!!

  4. Jen - you look amazing! Praying that Emmie Collins comes soon!


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