Monday, July 9, 2012

37 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is full-term now.  that is pretty exciting!  her lungs should be just fine if she came now.  she is a little over 6 pounds and 19 inches long.  she's lost all those little baby hairs most likely and should be moving into her exit position (although i don't think she is head down right now).  in my 'expert' opinion. ha!  it just feels like she is still lying from side to side to me.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! our mini, emmie collins.

movement: i thought she might start slowing down a bit since her room is getting so snug but she's still moving as much as ever.

momma developments: mainly i'm just giant and tired.  other than that i feel great & am so thankful.  the swollen feet and ankles persist but aren't nearly as uncomfortable as they were during my week at camp.  the top half of my belly button has poked out now and you can see it through my shirts if you're looking for it.  sleep isn't so easy at this point, i'm interested to see how it goes as the next two weeks pass.

total weight gain:  ?? pounds.  i need to weigh myself again. oops!

maternity clothes: yes ma'am!  bump-tastic.  there is no way you could squeeze me into normal clothes now!

cravings: chocolate.  i don't really know if that is baby-related or not because i'm kind of a crazy over sweets full-time

anything hard? 
i got confused again about how far along i am.  i thought i had 40 full weeks in pregnancy and know that i have 14 days until her due date so this whole week I thought i was 38 weeks along and would be 39 weeks on monday (tomorrow) buuuut that's not really true because the baby's due date is on day 1 (or 0) of week 40.  all that to say...i had the right number of days going on my countdown but still haven't gotten this week / month count down just yet.  sad.

finishing out work.  it is really bittersweet because i actually don't mind my job and really love the people that i work with - but i am so tired and feel so overwhelmed with things to do at the house that i basically want to be anywhere other than behind a desk for 40 hours a week.

juggling life - what else is new!?
never forget:
you got to see your friends shannon and andy this weekend. you technically met at girl christmas but you were only 8 weeks old so you weren't much of a bump yet.  now you're a squirmy worm and she got to visit you so much.  she talked to you and told you how much she loves you.  lucky for us she'll be back soon after you come for a wedding so it won't be another 6 months before you visit her again.

breakfast at doodles with friends. 
momma's tired face after staying up way.too.late visiting!

this weekend was also your grandpa's birthday.  we got to celebrate my pop and his life with a chunk of our family.  it was very sweet.

the parties were basically non-stop over the weekend.  we celebrated sweet holly & her upcoming marriage to matt.  i'll write more about it soon but it was so fun to visit with friends and celebrate.

since it was our first week back from camp you were able to have fun with campaigners every night this week.  whenever we get home we try and be with people. a. lot.  as tiring as that is for me / us i know it is so good and i wouldn't trade that time for anything.

on wednesday we celebrated the 4th of july with friends at the corsi's.  you went swimming, which i'm pretty sure you loved and you got to show off your mad bump skills in momma's super tight tankini. it was sunny and a beautiful day to be with friends that we love, celebrating our country.  while we were down there kari told your dad all kind of tips for him to be a great teacher [which starts in just barely a month].  it was really fun to hear them talk and to think about your poppa starting this new adventure teaching lil babes like you!  and i got to see the fabric for your bumpers in person. love!  i can't wait for them to be sweetly wrapping around your crib.

we were so generously surprised when my mom, your nana, brought us all kinds of yummy groceries to the house.  i had been meaning to go to the store since we've returned from camp and hadn't gotten around to it yet.  she stocked our pantry and fridge - one of the best gifts ever!  thanks momma!

last but not least we went to a dr.'s appt.- at the 37 week appointment we had a strep b test which wasn't nearly as awful as i thought it would be and we get the results back tomorrow.  i'm praying that they're negative so i don't have to get those drugs when i go into labor but if so, so be it.  we gotta make sure you're healthy afterall. they noticed that your heart rate was slower than they'd like it to be so they hooked us up to a monitor for about 30 minutes.  you were asleep so i'm thinking that's the reason it was so low.  when you woke up your heart beat went right back to normal and everything was a-ok.  quit giving us those little scares itty bitty!

everyday i wake up and think - "today we could have a baby.  holy crap!"

i have 5 days left of work. - 'nough said!

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  1. AHHHH she is going to be here so soon!

    I'm just dying to meet you sweet Emmie!


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