Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my life [seemingly a weekly series]

i really want to post but posting without pictures is no fun.  especially when i have the pics i want to post & have just failed to get them out of the camera and on to my computer.  [ #whitegirlproblems ].  i suppose all i can do is this...and then just feel satisified that on nov. 8th i posted something

good for me.

so last week was eventful and full.  instead of telling you anything of importantance i'll leave you with this.  my luck.  errr my misfortune.  i forgot both my pin number and my cell phone number both in one week.

i've easily had the same pin for oh...more than 3 years and my cell phone?  yep, over 10.  i feel like i have all the right numbers but maybe they're scrabbled.  i'm not sure.  who just starts randomly forgetting things - never to be remembered again.  after someone told me my phone number it did sound familar [duh!] but my pin!?  no one knows but me.  who will tell it to me?  oh my, i'm in trouble.  when i called the number on the back of my card guess what they said, "enter your pin"  it's like the bank is mocking me.  next thing you know i'll forget where i live or how to get to work.  i basically need a caregiver.

happy tuesday!

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  1. Haha, been there, done that, story of my life. Sometimes you just have nothing, and that's totally ok!


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