Thursday, November 10, 2011

christening our kitchenaid

we did it!  for the first time ever we used our glorious, oh so very pretty, kitchenaid mixer.  my way way way too generous great uncle bought us this for our wedding and i suppose that well, 1. i never really cook [yet] and 2. its so pretty i never wanted to dirty it up.  but it's there for the using so we better get to it.

the last time we were up in nky ben saw his childhood cookbook sitting out which just so happens to contain the recipe for some of the "best in the world," crazy delicious, chocolate chip cookies.  we brought it back to town with us & ben was all hyped about getting the ingredients together and whipping these up.  it may have literally been the first thing he said in the morning when he woke up before 8am on saturday.  well, that and that he wanted to take me to winchell's [our new weekend tradition] & that he wanted a new uk crewneck because he shrank his.  mmmm cookies!

he wanted to triple the recipe but in the end we thought better of it and made just 60.  yes JUST 60.  i will we ever survive with just 60 cookies?
there she is :) 
i'm sure there was a far superior angle for picture taking but it was hard to get in there with all the mixing going on and ben being a baker.  i'll work on that for next time.  [yes there will be a next time]
he won't like that i'm telling you this but he was being real particular [or persnickety as my papal would say] about how to make these treats.  eventually i just had to leave the kitchen and lend my moral support from then den.  god forbid i don't stir something right.
::in the making::
60 cookies taste pretty great!  i'd share with you but i'm pretty sure they're gone.
what else would you suggest for us to try  in there?  remember that there's just two of us normally. 
what do you mix up in your home!?


  1. We use ours for some delicious mashed potatoes and a not made from scratch but just a yummy cheese cake

  2. We use ours for cookies & brownies...and an occasional cake mix. :)

  3. Guy and I get into "fights" when we're both working on a recipe together. He's so particular and I hardly ever follow the recipe AND hardly ever have the right ingredients. ha! We use ours for cookies and cakes! Pumpkin Cake was the last thing I made with it. So good!!!

  4. I think Chocolate Chip cookies was an excellent for choice. I use my mixer for almost everything I bake, except brownies. I bet you didn't let him put those nuts in the cookies like the recipe calls for, now did you?
    Happy Mixing

  5. I ate those cookies! Yum!

    The cookbook must have been the reason why Ben asked me if they were the best in the world. Haha.

  6. I am so happy Ben is baking again! He did it so well as a child. Love you, Mary

  7. What a beautiful mixer! I drool over those at the store all the time! Cookies look good, too. :)


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