Thursday, November 17, 2011


my family had my dad's side of the fam over for some super yummy food and presents.  we were semi-celebrating my old bday and of course celebrating my little sisters 21st birthday!  holy moly!  how is she so old?  lucky for me her requested meal is one of my absoulte faves so i ate my weight in roast & mashed potatoes and enjoyed the company of my wonderful family.

chels, i'm so proud of the lovely woman that you've become and couldn't be more thankful for the work that the Lord has done in & through your life.  i pray that your heart would be His all the your days.  i'm so glad you're my sister!

benny & i took a few pics of the day...i think we still need some serious help with our lighting and composition skills :)  someday...someday.
ben refusing to smile normally at me for a picture.
and nick played us a concert.  treat!

today i'm thankful for full life and people to celebrate it with.

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  1. My little sister turns 21 next year! Makes ya feel old, doesn't it? ;) I thought the words to your sis were so special!! Thanks for sharing..

    Also - your pictures are beautiful - the lighting and composition are great - they feel warm and inviting...perfect for some photos of what was clearly warm and cozy family celebration! :)

    Happy (very) belated birthday! :)


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