Wednesday, November 9, 2011

is this a trick?

obviously i'm a few weeks behind but i couldn't keep these to myself - i had to share some halloweeny pics.

this is my little brother, snookie [aka snickie].  yes he is dressed as a trashy jersey shore girl.  it was absolutely hysterical to watch him walk down the street.  little jon jon had no idea it was nick under there.
little leah was a kitty cat, full of meows.
and jon jon was buzz lightyear, the vampire with a light up costume, wings and fangs for teeth!
i had to skip out on the family time, chili & grilled cheeses.  it was a monday night and of course we had club.  woot woot!  my camera had died so i stole these from ang & her phone.  that's me...the ghost.  and look how awesome some of the girls are!
my blurry little team.  micah is ben, kaitlin is ang, ben is ben, angie is kaitlin, dylan is dylan and me and em are ghosts.  ghosts with hightops. duh. 


  1. You really need to dress Nick up again! Please!


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