Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bridal shower invites

so i haven't gotten all the pics together to record all the fun of the actual shower {yes it happened & it was glorious}.  the only pictures i managed to organize were the invites i sent out for said shower.

originally i had about 4 ideas in my head.  things in my head aren't exactly the same as things in real life but i finally decided on an idea and went for it.  i printed paper, FREE, from {HERE}, got kraft paper cards at hobby lobby and got to work.  for my first few invites i strung the little bunting triangles on string like i had on my little gift bag {HERE} but for some reason i was finding it much more challenging this go 'round.  i don't know if it was the weight of my paper, the glue or what...but i didn't like it.  so i improvised and went with a 'string' made out of cream cardstock instead.  it was much more time-efficient and i liked the look just as well.  they are plain & simple but that is kind of like me.  i could have covered them in glitter and that would have probably been more like shannon but i was fresh out of my glitter paper.  looking back i think i might have just stitched across instead on my sewing machine but hey, live and learn.
i printed in dark gray, rounded the corners and then sent them to all our lovely friends requesting their presence.
one little bunting ink stamp & one love postage stamp later they were ready to roll...
have you seen these?  i really like them.  like i even want to send out our bills with love stamps.
...party posts to come...

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