Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shannonagans {baaaaaaahahah you should name your blog that s.w}

..a collection of memories celebrating our dear friend shannnon..

the beautiful bride-to-be
::some decorations for the par-tay::

this was my first time making these paper bag flowers & i really liked them.  i will definitely use them again in the future.  right now they are still strung around my house and i get excited everytime i see them.  see the 'how to' {HERE}.
candles stacked on love books & pics of the happy couple complete the entryway.
{sidenote: i think i'm going to spray paint my mirror here.  any color suggestions?}

mini-poms & a bundle of food.  i couldn't get a shot before we grazed but was yummy.
sweet tea, lemonade, ale 8's & striped straws.  welcome to kentucky.
i made this paper doily bunting for the first time too.  i wanted to make more than one but i don't know what i did with my extra bias tape.  when i find it i'm going to go ahead and whip up a second so that i can double hang them more like {THIS}.  and i really like the mini with a different colored tape, done & done.
this is the same free paper i printed for the invites, strung up along the chalkboard

:: favors::
i got a bundle of white chocolate covered pretzels {& they were good}.  we just wrapped them up in more paper lunch sacks {40 / $1 at the dollar store} & sealed them closed with a little note.  thanks lib for the paper!  it was perfect. 
i enlisted the aid one of my besties rachel to take care of the "games".  neither of us wanted to super traditional games & she did a fantastic job of finding perfect organized fun for us girls.

first, she had the girls break up into pairs.  one girl would be the model and the other would be the designer.  one roll of toilet paper & see what you can do.  i felt like i was watching project runway.  my friends are so creative & hilarious.
warning: if you force your friends to wrap up in toilet paper from head to toe, make sure you don't also stand them next to an open flame.  jenna did catch on fire and yes, it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen.  after jenna was 'put out' shannon exclaimed "best shower ever!" so maybe you should let your friends be set aflame.

i think this was immediately before "the incident," look how happy she is was.
shannon played michael kors / heidi klum & chose the winning partnership.  i made the winning ladies flower pins to take home with them {see below}.  i thought they were sweet.

the next game was in fact not a game but a craft.  rach found a & s two serving platters & porcelain paint & had the girls decorate some pretties for them to take home & keep.  something from each of her guests!  so fun right?
..cory gettin' to work..
more creative juices flowing.
i baked the platter & bowl last night to set the paint but didn't take an 'after' picture.  i'm sorry ladies.  i hope the simonds get to use them forever!

we finished off the afternoon showering shan with wonderful, practical & precious presents to help the newlyweds start their home & life together.

the bride with her momma & sis.  so fun that they could all be together.
..shannon's super fun bridal party..
congrats sweet friends.  i hope you had so much fun celebrating this past weekend {i know i did}. i hope that it served not only to bring great joy but to build you up in Christ & for a marriage that glorifies Him.

thank you all you girlies who helped me out so much organizing, planning, baking, making etc for the weekend to be such a great success!  i know it was for shan but i felt really well loved by that too.  my sick little self would have just curled up & quit without you.  and thank you benny for cleaning our disaster house.  you're literally the sweetest hubs.


  1. What a sweet little party! Bridal showers are so fun! I could have had a million of them! Your decorations were adorable!

  2. I had so much fun!! I can't wait to adventure to sc together :) also, I would paint the mirror one of the colors in the drapes in your dining room ... I'm thinking navy but I'm not sure if that's in there!

  3. I'm with Rachel. Pick a color from those darling dining room curtains. I like that light blue! Miss you!

  4. I 100% loved this party!!! And I'm very glad you feel better were a sick little Jen Jen. :)


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