Wednesday, May 18, 2011

around here

i can't blog quickly enough to stay on top of life.  you always think it will slow down soon, and then you'll get to it.  but that doesn't really ever happen. 

here's a little bulletted update of our life & home:

 welcome to lexington
{driving & taking pictures.  not my finest idea but the sky looked so cool.  i can't do it justice}

baby parker is growing & precious.  thank you ridd's for letting us stop by, always.
itty bitty baby smile

shannon came to town to surprise rach & meet parker for the first time.  i liked being on the inside of that secret.  i think it was a big blessing to both of the girls!

this also means that i got to spend time with shannon {who lives in south carolina...hopefully not forever...wink wink}.  i LOVED it.  we visited together with some of our bestest girlfriends {jenna, holly, purdy, rach}, slumber partied, went to a late night movie {bridesmaids}, a lunch date {pazzos} & laughed our faces off.  maybe we cried too.  i don't know.

recently we got to celebrate our friend hillary as well.  we love celebrating.  she is getting married in uh 3 days...holy moly and we had got together to shower her with girly things.  i made a little bunting to dress up my bag...i think its awfully sweet!
everything about it was absolutely hilarious.  michelle {the hostess} surely knows how to throw a good party.  here's hil enduring the embarrassment.

since then, ben & were able to see two other amazing people begin their marriage.  congrats brad & lauren.  rain couldn't damper this awesome day.
{photo by natalie hagen - we love her}

in the next two weeks i get to celebrate my sister-in-love, greta & her babe on the way twice!  i had the pleasure of sending out the invites {see below} to one of the showers...treat! and am helping with little odds and ends from here on out.  i am so excited.  and i'm going to be an aunt!  i'm an honorary aunt to a few little babies out there {belonging to my besties} but this will be my first real-deal-aunt-ship.
stationary kit from target and i just printed on them at home.

august marks 2 years of living in our first home!  yay!  and this past weekend marks the hanging of 3 things on our walls.  it only took 20 months to get here.  our room instantly feels more cozy to me and it just took a minute to do - well, 20 months and a minute.  i hope that is the catalyst i need to finally work on other spaces in our house.  hopefully.  we desperately need it!
{hooks from pier 1 bought over a year ago but i saw them there still recently. 
jewelry organizer from urban outfitters, christmas gift from my nana from before i was married i'm pretty sure & mirror from hob lob, used to sit over the mantle in our little house}
our last club of the year is tonight.  i'm going to post on that this week {promise}.  i really need to reflect & jot down all that God has done in this season of ministry.

my entire neighborhood is covered in flowers.  everyone has the most beautiful pretties and i have been tempted way more than once to go snip a few buds when no one is looking.  instead i'm going to go buy myself a few plants and get them in the ground.  then next year i can steal my own plants & and fill vases all over the place without guilt or a trespassing charge :)

just so you know we're a mess in real life {as if you couldn't tell from this all over the place post} - a peek at chores. our laundry.  like a million loads.  ben washed dishes, i folded clothes.  forever.

waah waaaah
our living room

and last but not least, i found out some amazing news about other bestie, cory this past weekend.  find out for yourself {HERE}. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


  1. I know how that is! Life is crazy... no need to apologize though! Thanks for the update, love that wedding photo!

  2. I'm really glad that we're friends. I tried to steal flowers once...I got caught. NOT worth it. Plant your own. Hahahahahaha!

  3. i love your jewelry hanger, thingy.. where did you get it!? let's hang out. i am unemployed, which means lots of free time but no money to do anything... :)

  4. yes please tell us where you found your jewelry hanger! so cute!

  5. Jen, I love the handy thing for your jewelry. It will make it easy to find what you want at a glance.

    Thank you for all your help with the shower this weekend. Your strawberries were wonderful.


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