Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my cousins' cousin

so my dad has 2 brothers.  my uncle wayne married my aunt sheri long before i came along.  they have two wonderful daughters that i was blessed to grow up with.  my cousins also have another cousin, my aunt sheri's neice {not related to me}.  her name is natalie and she is on this season of hell's kitchen.  ben & i have been watching it religiously cheering on our non-relative that is related to all our relatives.  she has done an awesome job and this past week it was so fun to see how many people including chef ramsey respected & had confidence in her & her skills.  i hope she wins it all!  she is representing kentucky well.

...get it girl...


  1. Natalie is awesome!!! I can't say I've picked my favorite yet, but I definitely know who I DON'T like! I am rooting for Natalie :)

  2. Beautiful blog! I stumbled on it today. I'm a semi-newlywed (2 years in May) and my husband's name is Ben, too! I've totally seen Natalie on HK, and now I feel like I know someone famous! I'm a new follower :)

  3. GO Natalie!!! Josh and I love sitting down on Mondays and Tuesdays to cheer on our cousin! I posted the link to your blog on her FB page. :o) Love ya! Sarah

  4. We're so proud of Natalie and love watching her on Hell's Kitchen. Thanks for the great post Jen.
    Love, Aunt Sheri

  5. lol! That is too funny! She's my favorite! I think part of it is because she shares my name! :)


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