Friday, July 22, 2011

bachelorette bash

good morning friends.  i made a little something for shan & the girls to remember our wonderful weekend together.  i had never used this program before & had no idea what i was doing {he he - awkward laugh}.  i got all the way to the end to find out that i had to pay to put my own music to the video sooo...if you'd like just hit play on this little guy below and then enjoy the show. 

ps...the slideshow likely started without you hitting play, you may have to go a few pics back to begin at the very beginning {a very good place to start}. 

pss or pps {i don't know what that stands for...} if you are browsing through google reader you won't be able to see the slideshow, you gotta come to the blog.

i had a blast with you all. 
-all my love-

{many of these pics were stolen from jenna...duh}

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  1. it's p.p.s. (post post scripturm) & very cute slideshow, i love it!


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