Saturday, March 12, 2011

the plan

two days ago i thought that ben & i would be relaxing at home in lexington for our spring break, with not a lot to do.  don't get me wrong, i had come to terms that i wouldn't get to adventure and was content to just 'be'.  
my unbelievably kind & generous family asked if we'd rather go here:
and, of course, we obliged.
so we leave tomorrow.  48 hours ago we didn't even know it was a possibility.  i'm basically freaking out.  we are so blessed it is ridiculous.  i can't wait to spend the week in the sun, be warm, wear flip flops, read, relax, and again, just 'be'...but 'be' in florida {that sounds better}.  and needless to say, the best part will be some quality time with the Lord & this guy...
{pic from s.b. last more about that adventure here, here & here}

my guess is that ben may be watching some basketball during the week so if that's the case i may update along the way {if we have internet...i have no idea if we do}.

for now we're in nky, loving time with the in-laws, visiting friends, assisting in family photos for the margraves {sort of} & shopping for vacation essentials {sunscreen & teddy grahams}.  

a perfect weekend leading into a perfect week {hopefully}.
spring break 2011, baby!   

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  1. aww jen! I am so excited for you! YAY! Have a blast! You deserve it!!! LOVE YOU!


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