Tuesday, March 15, 2011

absolutely perfect

if you're real life friends with me, then you are likely friends with my friends and have already seen this but i just had to brag about what a great photographer my friend jenna is and how precious a family my friend cory has.  two of my besties, both precious & talented.  i thoroughly enjoyed going through the 500 pics that jenna posted {HERE}.  i don't know if this is a secret {if so jenna or cory...let me know and i'll delete} but i just wanted everyone to see how awesome!  cory brought all of the cutest props you could ever imagine and jenna worked her magic.  follow their names linked above to learn more about these ladies too!
i really had fun tagging along for family/anniversary/birthday pictures.  love you all.
i'm glad no pictures of me 'assisting' have surfaced ;)


  1. picture 434, 448, 449 = you assisting pictures :) haha i'm so glad we're friends and wish i was in sunny florida with you and benny!

  2. YAY! I'm super glad that we're friends.
    My ampersand is gone. I think was supposed to be the assistant's job, so I will be posting pictures of you "assisting." Fa Sho. Just kidding...love you friend!

  3. Love friends like that. What a blessing. :)


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