Monday, March 14, 2011

team libby t-shirts & a sunny update

i needed to post this a week ago but life got so busy prepping for my week at home {spring break} that i'm just now getting there.  sheesh.  so, an update on team libby.  our friends are training so hard for the big race.  its so cool to see how God is growing them and strengthen them through training.  it's such a clear parallel to our walks with Christ: the pursuit, the discipline, the reward, the journey, the progression, endurance, perseverance, the heart, the passion, the finish line!   it's inspiring really, it makes me wish i was running.  maybe after this race {that i'm supporting but not participating in} i'll begin.  don't hold me to that.  it also mirrors the adventure that the ryder's have been on.  incredible.

but like i said an update on team lib.  libby is doing well and has one of her last appointments coming up soon!  what a praise.  read their story for the first time or catch up {HERE}.

we're still raising support.  the race is april 30th and things are rolling.  if you would like to donate check the chip in on the right to use paypal.  in addition to the donating, we are also selling t-shirts!  we hope this will be a great way to raise extra support, give you something to take with you & provide a way to share an amazing story of God's goodness and a faithful family.  all proceeds go directly to the ryder's.

for information on how to get a tee for you, your mom, your little nephew, your neighbor, your mailman...go {here}.  
the deadline for purchasing is march 21st so GET IT FRIENDS!
{and feel free to share this with anyone you please}

we're in florida!  woot woot.  it is sunny and beautiful.  gosh it is perfect.  we got in about 2 am this morning, slept and then ventured out.  although i sunscreened twice and wore a long sleeve cover up for 2 of the 4 hours we were out laying and wandering i still managed to sun burn weird little patches on my left hand, a plum-sized patch on my neck, the underneath of one bicep {if i had biceps} and oh yeah, my belly button {just the rim and inside}.  who burns their belly button  if you knew my track record of tanning and knew how pale i was before spring break you probably would have seen this coming.  dangit!

also, the cats are coming to tampa to play in the ncaa tournament.  what are the chances?!  holy moly.  is this real life. tickets were much more expensive than we anticipated and there is  weird thing with stub hub so i'm not sure if we'll be able to go but if we do...ben's head may explode.  i love uk basketball but ben LOVES uk basketball.  it would be a dream if we get in there.  i'll let you know how it all pans out.

i'm stuffed full of yummy food & the biggest single scoop of ice cream you've ever seen so i'm going to go snuggle my hubby.

day 2 of sunshine begins tomorrow. ow ow!


  1. ha ha! Ben's head might explode! Guy surprised me with NCAA tourney tickets when UK played UC in Indy and it was the 3rd greatest night of my life. hope it works out! have a great trip on the beach.

  2. I laughed out loud so hard reading about your sunburn. That is SO like you. I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen to anyone else!


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