Monday, February 28, 2011

support the ryder's {TEAM LIBBY}

if you've come here to learn more about supporting the ryder's, WELCOME & please check out this {EARLIER POST} & definitely watch the video.
a HUGE, GIGANTIC, ABOUNDING, GNORMOUS THANK YOU to all those wonderful bloggers out there who sent you here to learn about the Ryder's, their story & how to support them.  words cannot describe how much that means.

--more than anything our hope is that their lives would be an encouragement to you.  please see libby, justin & ava's full story {HERE}.  lymphoma has changed their lives & i believe their story may change yours.
--if you would like to run in the music city marathon please email ang at  ben & i will be there cheering you all on!
--please see the chip in on the right side of the screen to support the ryder's financially via paypal.  all proceeds go directly to the family to cover medical bills.

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  1. Love you. I'm going to gchat you right now.


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