Friday, February 25, 2011

so here we are.

today is an interesting day.  an interesting end to an interesting week.  i've basically felt like i'm losing my mind for the last 14 days or so.  i've had a lot of fun, had blessed conversations, seen God at work and i've also felt defeated and down, tired, & ill.  kind of not like myself.  this is not a pity party.  i know people go through much harder things than what i have to deal with...its just an 'interesting' time.

in much more fun news...

tonight new young life leaders are getting placed in our area!  so exciting.  a bundle of friends will be embarking on a mission to go out an love high school & middle school students over the next few years {or longer}, going in to their mess and showing them where real life can be found.  to think about the ways that God is going to grow them through it and the ways he'll use their efforts and faithfulness give me butterflies.  i pray that he would use this group of people to advance the kingdom.  what an exciting day!  {i'm gonna try and take pictures, whether or not i can get them loaded on the blog is another story...i'm still sorting that out}

i hate to re-post things that my friends have already seen but this has literally been on repeat on my computer for the past week.  i just simply LOVE it.  you'll love it too.  you need to listen.  it's like a love song, but not a ballad.

and because it's friday and maybe you like funny things...

ps.  i wish i had long hair again.
the end.


  1. Bahahahaha!!! I love that video. Thank you for sharing it :) Hope you start feeling better and experience God's awesome power during your 'interesting' time.

  2. I do have long hair and two weeks ago I got it caught in a fan. Now I have layers.
    Love you!

  3. Love you friend! I feel real crazy too.
    I cannot get enough of that video! Thanks so much for that!
    I also want my long hair back. Let's get extensions.

  4. So good. Hope you can find some rest this weekend. And that is so great about what God is doing! :) Love your blog.

  5. So, I love "Fire & Dynamite." I was introduced to them on Thirsty Hearts and now I am addicted! We just got some new k-life leaders in our area, which is close to the same thing as young life. Anyway, I'm glad I found you!

  6. Hey friend! Sorry you've had a crazy week! Lets hang out soon and talk :) I've been ill too... I'm thinking allergies...what about you?

  7. Funny you said that...I miss my long hair too. *sigh* I'm not cutting my hair for a long long time!!

  8. that is a great video! thank you for sharing it. i cut my hair too and i miss my long hair! luckily, it will grow back but i sure do miss it! i am SO glad that you sent me an email ... off to get up to date on things.

  9. Jen! A group of us are going to see Drew & Ellie in Nashville on March 26th... you & Ben should come! Rumor has it your bro-in-law is joining in on the fun!! COME!!!


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