Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh heck yeah!

today there is a high of 65 degrees and i am freaking out man {guy in the back seat - a la super troopers}.
in honor of beautiful, warm, blissful weather me and jenna {aka jenga-snap, gil, geddle-finger}are going on a photo adventure after work.  it is for a purpose but it is also just for fun.  to be outside.  without a coat on.  i'm hoping she'll show me some of her moves.  i need skillz, i need help when it comes to the ol' canon and jenna is just the person for it.  she actually just launched her photography website: jenna nicole photography.  you should probably go look around.  and then check back again after our adventure and see what happened.

here i come, frolicking into the land of photos & pretty things.  watch out world! 


  1. Oh man! I wanna come play SO bad!! Have fun, learn a lot & then teach me the tricks!

  2. I hope you are enjoying your camera. Have a great afternoon with Jenna.
    Miss you.


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