Tuesday, February 15, 2011

everyday love days

everyone's blogging but meeeeee.....{did you read that in a whiny second grader in a grocery store voice?  that's how i meant it}.  literally everyone posted yesterday to send sweet nothings out into blogland and dote on their hunies and i failed {in cyberspace & in real life}.  i'm sorry you have a bad wife, boo.

so valentine's day.  what an interesting day for me.  i'll spare you all the gory dets but my oh so very kind husband brought me home beautiful flowers and wrote me the sweetest love note.  and i hadn't even set down to write a love letter to him {i still haven't}.  i'm the worst.  benny, i know that you celebrate valentine's day because i love valentine's day.  i'm so thankful for your thoughtful & precious gestures to me.

i'm excited to have a do-over valentine's day with you.  thanks for letting me have do-overs.

and i agree, everyday should be love day husband.

{ps.  this is how i like to think of you.  making me laugh until i crinkle my nose & squint my eyes}.  i'm really glad we're married.


  1. Happy Valentines! That picutre is great!

  2. Glad you had a good Valentines day. I know Ben will appreciate your thoughtfulness another day. It makes my heart happy to know you are in a happy marriage.


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