Thursday, April 8, 2010

whyn't choo put it on the blog? rockin' like this my job.

::i thought this could be a fun little dialogue for us inspired by the ever so sweet black eyed peas::
ps.  i know they aren't sweet.

how would you fill in the blank: 
whyn't choo put ______ on the blog?

there is obviously no wrong answer here...

what do you love to see on blogs?
what do you wish you saw more of?
what makes you fall in bloggy love?
are there questions that you always wonder about authors of the blogs you read?
what would you say "why don't you put that on your blog?" about?

{this isn't specific to my blog...any blog of blogland will do}
.i was just ever so curious about the thoughts of other readers out there.
can't wait to see what you say...

sort of related...sort of not:
you have to check {THIS} out, its old but you may have missed it! 
if you're my friend you surely know that i don't like the black eyed peas OR oprah BUT this is so awesome i had to share it.  oprah had no idea that this was coming...they surprised her! 


  1. I love blogs that are open and honest and when the blogger talks about things you can tell they are passionate about.

  2. I LOVE blogs that have a fresh design, and stand apart from others. I love the random blogs that gain a following (my current favorite is "This is Why You're Fat" and, "Michael Buble Being Stalked by a Velociraptor." How do people think of these things?

    I love blogs that are turned into books--it's like a cinderella story of the little blogs that could. I love when people tell their stories.

    And, GOODCALL on the Oprah video! I was actually in Chicago the night that they shut Michigan Avenue down to set up the stage. We saw them setting up from our hotel room!

    I'm pretty sure they're doing something similar in Seattle for Glee...

    I promise not to write novels every time I comment on your blog...ahahha


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