Monday, April 19, 2010

the perfect date

my perfect date would include...

the love of my life, my husband benny {of course}
& would take up the entire day

we would sleep in a little & be in no rush at all.  enough sleep to be well rested but not so much as to waste the day away.

once we crawl out of bed we'd eat yummy fresh fruit for breakfast & since it is a 'perfect day' i wouldn't need to get ready...i'd look stunningly gorgeous without primping {i hate getting ready & stunningly gorgeous is certainly a stretch but hey...its the perfect day}


we'd start off the day with some time with the Lord...together.  i'd love that.  grace is afterall, how we'd be able to have such a perfect date.

we would spend the majority of our day outside while the sun is shining, it's warm but not hot.  maybe there is even a slight breeze.  i'd get to wear a dress {a soft comfy one not a fru-fru one}.

i'd love to go on a leisurely bike ride or even a few hours of hiking around the gorge.  a picnic on our adventure would be a must.  i also wouldn't hate swinging on seat made for two either.  if this was a date abroad i'd love to go sailing on a sail boat.  neither of us would know what to do in real life but maybe on the perfect date we would.  we'd share excellent conversation, chuckle & play.


maybe benny would sing me some love songs...

for the evening portion of our date i can hardly narrow down what i'd love to do.  there are so many things that i enjoy doing with benny but would there be enough time to do them all?  perhaps not in one day.  i would love to go to a play or musical or concert together.  i'd love to go out dancing together or simply grill out at home & play a board game.  i'd like to let him pick...maybe this could be his perfect date too??

at the end of the day i'd love to be that 'good' kind of tired.  i'd love to fall asleep in the arms of my sweet husband after a long day of adventure, laughter & snuggling.

the greatest reality of it all is that while everyday certainly isn't 'perfect' for us we do have a life filled with joy & our days are so amidst all this day dreaming of perfection i know any date we have is perfect because i get to be with my best friend!

what would your perfect date be like?

my friend amber is hosting a linky party with this question over on 'friend making monday' and i'll be linked up there.  check it out if you'd like to see other dream dates.


  1. Jen, this sounds like a perfect day! I love that you start it with the Lord. Something I should do more often. Your blog looks adorable. I'm going to look around a bit. Nice meeting you!

  2. Your day sounds AMAZING! We are very similar :) I'm a new follower, found you from FMM.

  3. Well, that sounds just about perfect. Of course for me I would have to find a husband first! Love your new header pictures Jen!

  4. My dream date is all day too. Love that you added pictures!

  5. Wow, that sounds *perfect*!
    Found you through FMM! Glad that I did : )
    Have a blessed day!

  6. How sweet! I love that you wouldn't need to primp because it would be the perfect day - good thinking! But you're totally right - it's all about being with your best friend.

    Happy FMM!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful perfect day! :)

  8. yep, that's awesome!
    I am following you and would love you to follow me back :)
    Gros bisous


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