Wednesday, April 21, 2010

random jen jen strikes again


the only downfall to this gorgeous weather is that is also accompanied by my hated nemesis - pollen.  my head is so full & achy with snot i fear i can bare it no more.  my head may just explode {i apologize for that terrible mental picture}.  the great region of central kentucky has also been doomed to a week's worth of rain...coming soon.  at least april showers bring may flowers right?  OH NO...more pollen. boy, am i in trouble!


i've listen to a couple great talks lately & thought i'd share them with you all.

talk 1:  this is from a northern kentucky younglife leadership which is basically just a weekly meeting for the younglife leaders in that area to be encouraged, take care of business, be in the Word & in community.  it is very informal but a really awesome message about 'living differently' & about idols in our lives.  i plan on listening to it many times over.

talk 2:  this is a john piper sermon from a conference he did recently {i think}.  the page will take you to a list of talks; the one i recently listened to was 'did paul preach jesus' gospel?'  it's an awesome look at where your confidence lies.


is anyone watching LOST?  what the heck?  what's going to happen?  i'm so lost/confused/excited/hoping that jack doesn't become one with the smoke monster.

and with more tv talk...does anybody watch project runway?  season finale this thursday!  woot woot.  i have to dvr it so don't tell me who wins.  who do you want to see walk away with the prize?  emilio, seth aaron or mila?  i think emilio makes clothes most like what i would wear {out of the 3} but i would rather see seth aaron win it all...he makes a lot of fun/funky pieces & he seems to be the most original.  i want mila to burn all of her black and white clothes.  sorry, that was mean.  i just can't take them anymore.


have you ever had a dream with blog friends in it?  you don't really know've never met them {or their families} but you all are bff / grocery shopping together in your dream?  does that make me the biggest creeper?

"he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."
-jim elliot 


my header is giant but i did everything as i normally do...any ideas on how to fix it?  i need your help blog wizards!


  1. jen jen,
    I miss you. we need to hang out and catch up soon...because

    #1 I listed to talk 1
    #2 I listed to talk 2

    coincidence? I don't think so!

    Eric and I had lunch today and discussed Lost. I don't think he will become the smoke monster. Maybe Jack will save the day and overcome the smoke monster! Also, I feel scared that they won't be able to wrap it up in 4 episodes. If it doesn't end well then it won't be the "best story ever told ... except for Jesus" {in the words of Ben}

  2. Love the random thoughts! I've been attacked by pollen myself and am currently reviving from a benadryl coma. Ron and I were scrambling around the house looking for something-anything to stop my burning eyes, sniffles and all the other grossness of allergies when he finally found a mint tin with a random assortment of medicine, and there was my night saver - benadryl. Geesh, allergies bite!

  3. i am cracking up that you dream about blog friends...too funny! I think they do become a really big part of your life though when you are "talking" to them and being filled in on their lives daily. though I can't say I've dreamt about any yet ; )

  4. i just read your adorable story about how you and your husband fell in love. it took me awhile but i was so smitten with it! y'all are too cute!! thanks for sharing the story.

  5. First, I love the picture you posted today. That's exactly how I feel. And second, I'm laughing about your blog friend dream. . .too funny.


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