Saturday, May 17, 2014

life right now

i wrote this a few weeks ago and just realized i never added pics and posted.  so now here i am.  i'm stuck in the house with my babe who's sick and sleeping and my bigger (manly-er) baby who snoring on the couch so it seemed right to play catch up. 

our little angel baby is now (then) 20 months old and crazier than ever.  i am so overwhelmed with how sweet our life is right now.  i mean i could use a shower, my house is literally covered in clothes, my sink is overflowing with dishes that actually kind of smell (ew!) but as far as all important things go, i wouldn't change a thing.
: : : : :

i realized after writing this that no one besides ben & i would likely be interested or excited about most of these little tidbits & updates about ems but i have to write them down or i won't remember.  i understand if squealing over 'baby steps' ain't your jam - this is us right now.

emmie bear, here are some of your newest developments...

you clasp your hands up near your chin and then do tiny little claps.  you really love to make little "sweet" and darling little girly head tilts and hand on your cheek things.  i have no idea where you get that (probably a cartoon) but i love it.

we had back to back consignment sales to attend a few weeks ago and we loaded up on goodies.  besides the FIVE pairs of shoes i found (that i'm crazy over) for dirt cheap, we found a gem toy in this little kitchen.  you can play in your pretend kitchen for hours.  you move all your plastic food, one piece at a time from the mircowave to the oven, shut them both, bend down to check on the oven and then do the next piece.

you run like a wild woman.  sometimes she just runs laps up and down the hall.  you give her a little bit of room and she's gone. now i just need to get her some tennies - for the love, will someone please make baby tennis shoes that aren't hot pink with purple leopard print? update:  she has some, found by nana Karen and worn almost constantly.

em's had her first ever baby ponytail!  she could have probably had one months ago but i never bought those tiny little hairties.  now that we have them, ponytails for life.  just like her momma.  who would have thought flippy little chunk of hair would bring us so many smiles.  i think we just feel that way because it makes her look so grown up, it's a little heart wrenching but awesome at the same time.

emmie mems hums / sings along when i sing or when music is on.  she still doesn't say many words at all so anytime she uses her little voice in unexpected ways i basically melt.  she also loves dancing!  if she hears even just a few beats, this baby is swaying. she swings those arms and bobs that head. can't get over it.
you sing and mimic songs and words from Disney movies.  it kills me.  the fact that you've memorized scenes from frozen and act them out while using fake gibberish words - oh my goodness.  i didn't know this was going to happen so little.  
you're still loving bath and bubbles little one. 

you understand nearly everything that we say although you don't already listen.  you still don't fully understand picking up after yourself but you do love to throw things away in the trashcan which is really helpful and sweet, when its trash that you throw away.

you are so great at hugs and kisses.  you give really strong squeeze your neck hugs, you have all different kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo, on the mouth shouting "MMWWAAHHH" and possibly my favorite when you want the kiss and you squish your cheek super hard in my face.  the best squishy cheeks i ever saw.

you like to go in your room, turn your fan on high, sit on the floor and 'read' all your books.  you can entertain yourself for a good long while.

calls ben "momma" still, it sort of bothers him but is also kind of adorable because she always says it in response to being so excited to see him.

obsessed with swings - squealed with delight.  i think spring is going to treat us right. update:  i was right.  we have had SO much fun going to the parks on every pretty day.  our morning park trips will soon be replaced with the pool but i think our park dates will just be moved to the evening instead.  man i love spring / summer!

you have been really rotten out to in restaurants lately.  i guess we've entered into that phase of toddlerhood.  it makes me sad because i kind of love sitting and relaxing over a meal with my family that i didn't cook or have to clean up.  i think the relaxing is done for now.  unless a sitter is involved. haha

i left em and ben for a conference, hope spoken, for 4 or 5 days.  the time away was really sweet and refreshing but i did miss my little family dearly.

i came home to spring break - woohoo!  we stayed in town for the week and this week has already been such a huge blessing.  AND we got a little nephew out of it.  i gotta post that!!!!!

i've really been processing more and more about the mom that i want to be and what i hope i give to em as she grows up.  it is utterly overwhelming for me to fathom living out the gospel in every little and big situation.  i'd love to think it'd be second nature for me as i chase after Christ & seek to know Him more intimately but it is just kind of terrifying to me.  i know that i will be imperfect and fail a million times but i just don't want to waste it, not one opportunity to point this little girl toward her creator who loves her so.  the reality is that God is good and that He is soverign, that Emmie will have to grow up and make her own decisions about what she believes but seriously, i want to be so faithful with what has been entrusted to me and i feel so clueless about the best ways to do that.  praying over you precious little heart my sweet one.


  1. I am so glad you can describe Emmie so perfectly -- makes me feel like I know her spirited little personality despite not getting to see her much! Love her wild hair! :D


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