Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All play & no work

I always want to be a better 'journaler' but I ALWAYS flake. So I've been thinking about posting just really quick snippets to remember so that I may be able to commit to it a little more easily. 

Today was such a sweet day. A morning visit my momma, emmie's nana was long overdue and much enjoyed. Emmie is slightly obsessed with her and is stuck to her like glue the entirety of the time she's here. One of my favorite things was that when mom would walk away at all emmie would shout the same string of jibberish at her over and over. I love that she really was trying to tell her something. 
she's picking her nose. i'm sorry.
Em finally for some tennies to play in. HOORAY!! Nana always comes bearing gifts. She's had to play in jellies and ballet flats until now so this is amazing! She's in between sizes and baby shoes are so expensive or the amount of time they wear them, so hard for me. 

hanging dead-weight in the swing for a good few minutes.  she's something.
when Benny got home we got to have family time at the park (she got of practice on the big slide), a music / dance party with poppa on the guitar and then a walk around the neighborhood before bed. Em kicked a kickball up and down our streets and if you know our daughter, this is a BIG deal! Up until like a week ago she would try and hold on to something for balance to pick up her foot and kick. It was so fun to watch her learn to do something new and she was SO excited. 'ball' is one of her few words :)

last but not least, today was emmie's first ever top knot.  I took 500 pictures of her in hopes of getting a picture that encompassed how truly precious that mini-bun was but she wasn't too cooperative.  but never fear, I think that there will be many more buns in our future. 
we're in the laundry room because emmie likes to go into rooms by herself, shut the door and lean up against the wall.  normally she 'reads' books while she does that.  this time she was putting on chapstick.  she wouldn't leave the laundry room so in I went.  perfect place for commemorative pics right?  oh and I don't mean to be in these pics but i'm too lazy to edit them, ignore me.
teeny tiny top knot
ben kept said "she looks like such a little girl" and break my heart, she totally does.  I can't believe how fast she's growing.  so thankful to be along for the ride.  better get to work now {wink wink}


  1. The top knot is too cute. Love the peasant top, too! I don't think either of my kids would have clothing if it wasn't for Nana. ;)


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