Saturday, May 17, 2014

To celebrate

So I must have uploaded all these pictures and thought I'd write a post right away. Four months later I've got no details but I do know this was from
Mother's Day weekend. .  

We are surrounded by such great family. It is really incredible that out of all the people in all the world we were both born into the homes we were. The examples of mommas (biological, step, in laws, grandmas, friends, aunts, etc) that Ben and I have are such an encouragement to our family.  

From what I can tell I think we spent the weekend in Louisville, had a date night and then brunched with my momma and pop. 
And if memory serves, I got pampered by our little family the weekend before. My sweet family brought me donuts in bed and emmie colored in a book for me w pictures from the last two mothers days. 
I feel like its such a sweet gift and I can't even think about how my love for it will continue to grow as our little family grows and grows up. 
This isn't the book. This is a planner that emmie was obsessed w. and if you were wondering what emmie looked like in April or May of 2014, here she is. I'm so late!
This IS her eating donuts in my bed though. She really enjoyed this party of Mother's Day. 
Being a mom has been such a humbling and incredible gift. My heart could seriously explode when I think about her little life and us being entrusted with her while she's here. Even on hard days, it is so very precious to me. I know The Lord in new ways because of Emmie and Ben in new ways too.  I pray that I will be faithful with her, to point her (and future baby) toward Jesus everyday, what this whole life is really about. I'm so thankful for this sanctifying blessing of motherhood. 

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