Sunday, November 17, 2013

pumpkin patchin' with our pumpkin

i missed halloween but we're squeaking in this post before thanksgiving. ay ay ay, i'm patting myself on the back.  we found ourselves on our first annual pumpkin patch trip as a family of 3.  i think we will find a 'new' patch next fall but this was just fine for the day with a 1 year old - officially, sweet memories made.
her favorite part was probably this.  wandering through the pre-picked pumpkin field as soon as you enter the farm.  she went around and touched each one and then tried to steal some mums.
it was a gorgeous day, but a surprisingly, blazing hot day.  i was wearing a sweater and jeans and immediately wished i was in shorts and a tank as soon as we exited the car.  that made me a little 'eh' ... oh and i forgot to wear deodorant.  so it was an 'eh' and a 'ew' moment for me [and maybe for others too ... yikes].  although, it was worth enduring to see our little babe on a 'fall farm' for a day.
my little doll baby ran her little heart out.  we didn't pay to do any of the extra things - she wouldn't really appreciate it and was just as content running in fields and touching grass, so that's what we did.
we had quality family time for a bit.  i think in an effort to wrangle this wild one we gave her the best seat in the house...right on poppa's shoulders and then we wheeled her around  in a pumpkin wagon, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  she wanted back in as soon as we got her out.  i bought what i thought was an 'emmie sized' pumpkin and at check out she found an even ittier one for so tiny.  i loved that, it fit in her tiny hands perfectly.
it was a sweet day and i think little ems had a good time.  i look forward to many years of patchin' in our future, hopefully we'll be more appropriately dressed, ahem, prepared & at a farm that is a little less 'commercialized'.  hay rides should be free!  i'm just saying.

we hope you're enjoying what's left of fall in your neck of the woods, i know in ky i'm clinging to what's left of the colorful leaves, days in the 50's & well, the month of november.


  1. SO FUN! And this makes me smile because Cormac is also constantly picking mums and giving them to me. :)


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