Saturday, November 2, 2013

growing girl: summer recap

fall is already giving way to freezing temperatures every few nights and i've yet to post some pics of em over the summer.  it kind of breaks my heart because i know i meant to post these a long while back and make myself a few notes about all the fun things that she was learning and doing as she was growing into a little girl.

during the summer emmie turned 1!  i think i still need to post that too...eeeek [i'm sorry emmers]!  it is so crazy how quickly time passes.  even looking at these pictures that are 2-4 months old seems like forever ago.  she already seems so much bigger.

in the summer she had 8 teeth total, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.  she loved/loves to eat food, all kinds, any time.  basically turns nothing down.  she had like 2 days of being finicky and then got over it.  i feel like we totally lucked out in this department.
emmie bear learned to walk!  like for real.  mid-july she took her first steps but was so timid and not read to go for it.  by thirteen months she was on a roll, going steady and now she's running absolutely wild.  i was so anticipating hearing her little footsteps scamper up and down our hallways and now she does! basically all. the time.  she's getting more and more independent and it is just the sweetest thing for her to run back to her room and just sit quietly reading her books while i peek in to check on her. just adorable.

i spent about 3 weeks in this position, me leaning down, walking like a hunchback, while little bit holds on for dear life, getting those feet moving.
during the summer [and on pretty days now] we spend a lot of time during the day outside.  emmie LOVES the outdoors and is obsessed with nature, all kinds - wind, birds, flowers, rocks, leaves...oh geesh how she loves leaves.  during the summer the pool and parks were certainly our friends.  we either went on tons of stroller walks, pool splashing and picnicking & once she started walking a little better she started walking herself on our adventures.
i'm struggling to remember timelines and details...dang it momma-brain!  

emmie's hair really started growing in around 13 or 14 months.  these pictures are a little before it really started going.  currently, the back is an awesome baby mullet that usually is full of baby curls.
this summer, she started using sign language for "more please," "help please," & "all done."  she also has a "i want" sign that she taught herself.  she started loving to point at things and have us tell her what they are, loves to push buttons, flip light switches, unpack and pack things.  she is a baby tornado, that is certain, but around mid-summer she learned that she can also put things away.  hallelujah.

em had two or so overnight adventures with grandparents and then a few other weekends with just poppa at home while momma was gone.  all has gone super well, she seems to be pretty flexible.  she just wakes up a little earlier at other people's houses.  speaking of sleep, she has still been a great sleeper.  i think sometime during the summer she switched from 3 naps to 2.  that may have been close to her birthday which seems crazy that she was sleeping so much, while she's so big.  maybe i'm misremembering.  currently, at 15 months, we're down to two naps, one at 10 am and one at around 3:00p (each for 1 to 2 hours), down for the night around 7:30p and waking up for the morning around 7:30a. ain't too shabby.
this summer emmie had her poppa home from work!  the teacher's summer is  i had one month of craziness in the summer for my little part-time job but it was such a blessing to have ben home with emmie so i could go to the office and get things done when i was home.  i actually don't know how i would have gotten through camp season without ben being home.  we may have needed a nanny.  then for the second half of summer both of us were out of work essentially, if we're being real.  i remember thinking almost everyday how thankful i was that ben got to have such sweet time with emmie while she's changing so much.  so many parents don't get this opportunity, i hope we never take our sweet summers for granted.  i was blessed to get to spend time with him too [he he he].
well that's all for now.  goodbye summer.  you were good to us.
i'll catch up soon...right?  
it's november.  ugh.

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