Tuesday, November 12, 2013

first trick or treat

our little mems became a little mouse and had her very first trick-or-treat halloween.  i kind of don't know if i should 'like' halloween or not, you know the underlying meaning and all but to have a reason to dress up our sweet little babe and adventure around to see neighbors with friends and family, i can get behind that.
we actually had two days of halloween, the 31st our town was having a big ol' storm so they moved trick-or-treat to the 1st but my family has a tradition of all being together, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins all go to my parents, visit and trick or treat together.  since the soup was already 'on' before halloween was rescheduled we still went over, with our mouse in tow, to the parents.
:: emmie driving her car vs. emmie driving my car ::
we all loved getting to see the family and have our little mouse run all over the house with her itty puffy body.

on trick-or-treat night we had a super duper busy day since it wasn't really our original plan but that was ok.  we went over to our sweet friends, the postons and wandered from house to house collecting leaves, and candy, but mostly leaves.  emmie didn't go to every door but she did walk up and down the street like a champ, little tail just a waggin'.  and look at her duck friend...eeeek! best friends in the making...
:: memmie the mouse :: si as super-hero flash :: liz the super-sitter :: elle the fuzzy duck ::
i know emmie doesn't look so sweet in this picture.  to that i respond...her face just looks like that.
and last but not least, the mouse eating cheese.  could it be more fitting?
ben got the sweetest video of emmie bear wandering the streets.  it was a beautiful night with sweet friends.  even though emmie may not remember it always i think i will.  i'm really glad we could do this as a family.

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