Tuesday, December 17, 2013

...there is freedom

i meant to post this ooooh over a month ago but this is my life...

my dear friend cassie had a series rockin' through november up until last week all about freedom.  she felt like the Lord was pushing her to put this good news out into the universe and to use the good ol' blog world to do it.  she is such a faithful young woman & i'm incredibly blessed to know her.  seriously, one of the most genuine, kind people i know.  beautiful inside & out.
cassie wrote, along with some of our friends, all about what God has been teaching them when it comes to living out the freedom we've been given in Christ.  i even had the honor of contributing a lil something myself about freedom & joy.  you can find the beginning of the series here!  i hope you'll be blessed by their words!

i'll be back someday soon...maybe.

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  1. Your post on Cassie's blog was great, Jen! Well written and inspired!


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