Monday, June 11, 2012

33 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is a little over 4 pounds probably and is over 17 inches long.  she is beefing up and becoming less wrinkly - which i'm excited about.  i'm giving her antibodies so that she'll have a baby immune system when she comes on the scene.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! our mini, emmie collins.

movement: she is kicking the crud out of me.  i can't think of any better way to say it.  she moves so much and i'm pretty sure she flips around a few times a day.  i get lots of jabs and sweeping motions.  my belly bounces around all over the place and people from across the room can notice her moving.

momma developments: little nugget is taking up so much room.  i kind of can't imagine how she's going to get even bigger.  baby's apartment needs an up-grade and i don't think we have room for a remodel.  my belly button is now an innie-outtie.  you can see it through my shirt a little now.  it's not a full-blown outtie but i think it won't be long.  i may be getting stretch marks but it's hard to say.  i thought i had two stretch marks or icky purple veins on my leg but after driving to work they disappeared so maybe they were sleep creases - weird.  now i think i have a few on my belly but i can't tell because my belly is so tight and has all kinds of discoloration anyway.  we'll have to see how that works out after the baby comes.

total weight gain: 32-34 pounds

maternity clothes:  all the time.  my old t-shirts that are normally my "comfy" and "baggy" tees are now belly shirts.  like crop tops.  i've reverted to wearing benny's tees just so i'm not vulgar.

cravings: nothing really.  maybe oreos :)

anything hard

at 32 weeks we [emmie & i] went bathing suit shopping.  i forgot to mention it.  a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy trying on "small" spandex suits is not the most enjoyable experience.  no one warned me.  let me warn you - it is at least 3 times worse than the normal "first-suit-of-the-season-i'm-too-pale-for-this" of unpregnant life.

having a vertical driveway.  getting in and out of the car is hard enough without a hill working against you.  thank the Lord for those pull-down handles.

never forget:

emmie collins, this week we took you to the hospital.  i was a little concerned that maybe my water broke.  i didn't really think that it did but i wasn't sure.  things were just different & more than normal down there.  {sorry for the t.m.i}.  a woman at work made a comment when i walked in "wow, it looks like your baby's dropped."  which only freaked me out more.  i tried to wait a few hours to see if there was more coming but after being urged i went ahead and called my baby dr.'s office.  they said that i needed to go to labor and delivery right away.  i cried in the parking lot when i had to call and tell your dad.  i didn't want it to be nothing and feel all dramatic for going to the hospital.  i didn't want it to be something because i knew you needed to be in there a little longer.  i just didn't feel ready, although i know with God's perfect provision we would have been fine.  i was just scared.  it turns out that every test they ran came back perfect.  you're normal and perfect.  we felt so blessed by the reminder that things may not go according to our plans but that the Lord is always good.

ben told me "you don't get around like you used to" this week bahahah

this weekend we had a little babymoon.  i'm going to write about it soon but it was oh so very sweet.  i loved the time with your dad.  i think you liked it too.  i don't think that you like to sit in movie theaters however.  maybe you don't like when i sit straight up in down in general.

i went to a breastfeeding class this week.  i feel like i learned all kinds of things since i was really starting from scratch - no prior knowledge.  i brought all the literature home so i can remind myself when the time gets closer.  it is definitely something i'm going to try and do, but i also hope [as with lots of aspects of parenting] that i can be flexible if it doesn't work out for some reason.

itty bitty, this week we are praying for your health and safety.  we're praying that every little piece of you would be perfectly knit together.  we're praying that you'd stay in my belly a few more weeks.  that with all your moving around you don't do anything that will hurt you.    we're praying for your little personality and heart - that you'd be kind and caring to all people around you - regardless of who they are or how they treat you.  we pray that you'd have a heart for people who are left out or hurting.


  1. Jen! So fun seeing this! Congratulations. You look absolutely gorgeous - even at 33 weeks - and I'm just so happy to see all that is going on in your life. Lots of love & blessings to you and your sweet FAM! :)

  2. You didn't tell me you went to the hospital! Glad everything was good!

    You will laugh in a few weeks at the comment "i kind of can't imagine how she's going to get even bigger."


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