Friday, June 8, 2012

happy weekend

happy friday friends! 

it's almost sad how greatly i look forward to the weekends.  this weekend is a little bit special because ben & i will be having a stay-cation babymoon.  i whined a little bit about going out of town together for a 'last hoorah' pre-baby but since i can't take extra time off work, going very far away in 50-some hours seemed like a little more trouble than it's worth to the hubs.  so our comprise is that we're going to go adventuring.  mainly just around central kentucky and our own little town.  but i hope to be outside, go places we've never been, see sights we've never seen and just be together.  enjoying time just the two of us.  well, just the three of us.  i'm gonna be waddling all over town.  watch out!

last, but not least, we got to see little emmie collins this week on a little surprise visit to the hospital.  we got a few hurried 3D pics before the doctor came in.  i didn't label the parts but if you're confused at what you're looking at, just ask...i'll try and explain a little above each shot.

 profile of her face with her arm snuggled up to her.  its up and down like she's standing up
arms up covering her face but you can see her little button nose and big ol' lips.  much needed for all those little kisses i'm expecting to steal.
 her profile but this time laying down.  from left to right you're looking at her...
chest / belly -- chin -- lips -- nose -- eyes -- forehead

hope your weekend is full of all kinds of joy - regardless of your plans or circumstances.  take heart!


  1. Oh my gosh the 3D pics are awesome! You can actually see what her face looks like!!! Enjoy the stay-cation!

  2. You can tell she is gaining weight and really starting to look like a little baby. I hope you and Ben have a great weekend. Enjoy this special time for just the two of you.
    Love Momma

  3. You cropped out your pissed face for the blog, huh?
    Glad that you get to have a weekend with Benny! Enjoy!

    Love that sweet Emmie! Can't wait to meet her!


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