Monday, January 10, 2011

new year, new deal

i saw this {HERE} at design sponge right before the new year and knew that i had to make one.
it is a daily calendar, created by ashley ann {one of my fave bloggers} who talks about it here.  the awesome thing about the calendar is that you can record big things, little things, highlights, special happenings of daily life and then after the year is complete you start again.  how fun to be able to reflect and remember daily.  some of my girl friends saw it over the weekend and even mentioned how this could be a neat way to record what's going on specifically in your ministry...people you've met or are praying for, ways God is moving etc.  i hope to incorporate that into mine as well but it would be neat to have a calendar specifically for that purpose too.

i altered ashley ann's instructions ever so slightly so that i could use things that i already had on hand but for the most part i followed the idea to a 't'. here's what i used...
i bought 2 packs of 100 index cards, size 4"x6" {$2 total}
i had the rest...
the paper cutter was from big lots for $1 forever ago
the postcards i got for my birthday and i feel like have a million uses, they are penguin bookcovers
my tin was from hobby lobby and originally was going to house something in our craftroom/office but loves its new purpose
the stamp i borrowed from work

i'm sure ashley's instructions are much more clear / in depth but i just cut the index cards in half, cut my postcards to be slightly taller but the same width too.  i stamped my index cards with the month and day only so i can put multiple years on the cards.  i put a small piece of paper held by tape to cover the year part of my stamp because that made it easier for me but i'm sure you wouldn't have to.  i also think it would look cool to stamp the year on the lines as they go, but that also seems like so much more work.
i'm so excited about this little project & know that as the years pass we will really enjoy looking back on all that we've gotten to be a part of, see & do.

other uses / ideas:
a gift of course, maybe for christmas, new year, hostess gift perhaps
a way to record the first few years daily with a new babe
planning for a wedding, beginning a marriage
ministry milestones and prayer {like i mentioned earlier}
daily goals
daily highlights
something you're thankful for

let me see if you make one too!


  1. JEN! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing:) I'll definitely be doing this!

  2. Yay! All i need is to stamp some dates and get a little container :) I'll put pics up when i do that!

  3. I really wanted to do this, but I never got around to it :( maybe someday soon I will! I don't have postcards, a container or a date stamp :(

  4. I LOVE this!!! And so many different uses...which one's to choose!! :) Definitely like the prayer idea - or milestones in one's faith... (or as you said, ministry).... and the baby one is a great idea!!!

    I will have to give this some thought - but definitely not going to let this idea go by the wayside! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!


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