Friday, January 21, 2011

burnin' love

as much as i would love to curl up in front of a crackling fire on this freezing winter's day i also have other ideas in mind for a fireplace.

if i had an unusable fireplace i might cram all my books in there for storage just like these people.  maybe it was never a working fireplace and they just put up a mantle.  i'd really like to do that but i don't know if i have a wall for it.  perhaps in the dining room but is that weird?  i've seen a lot of images of 'just mantles' and each peaks my interest just a little bit more.

i decided to have an adventure this weekend.  can't wait to share it once i return, more than that...i can't wait to go.  until then dear friends, stay warm by your real fires or cozy up with art placed on the floor, baskets filled with blankets, mirrors for more light or logs filling to the brim.
1 & 2 & 4 ... apartment therapy
3 & 6 ... real simple
5 ... ashley ann @ under the sycamore


  1. I have the perfect wall for a fake fireplace/mantle & have been looking for them!! LOVE them!

  2. I love a cozy fire-but ours has ooollllddd gas logs, and they barely work. these pics are inspiring..I love the wood stacked-my husband would love the books-he's a book collector!


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